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Elevate your sales skills and boost performance with Griffin Hill's Be Brilliant! Course. Led by Dr. Scott O. Baird, this four-week program focuses on persuasive questioning and active listening, backed by 30 years of business performance research and consulting experience. Join a small class for personalized attention, networking opportunities with executives, and a complimentary two-month Elite Membership for exclusive resources.

Elevate Your Sales Skills with Dr. Scott O. Baird

Join Griffin Hill's Be Brilliant! Course and master the art of persuasive questioning and active listening under the guidance of Dr. Scott O. Baird. With over 30 years of experience in business performance research and consulting, Dr. Baird offers invaluable insights to help you excel in sales. Learn techniques to create urgency for your product and make it irresistible to buyers, setting yourself apart in the competitive market.


Personalized Attention and Networking Opportunities

Benefit from personalized attention and networking opportunities with executives in our small-class environment. Dr. Baird and our team of experts are committed to your success, providing individualized guidance and support throughout the course. Engage with fellow participants, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections to enhance your professional growth and career opportunities.

Exclusive Resources with Elite Membership

Enroll in the Be Brilliant! Course and receive a complimentary two-month Elite Membership, granting access to exclusive resources designed to enhance your learning experience further. From additional training materials to expert-led webinars and networking events, our Elite Membership offers valuable tools and insights to support your journey to brilliance.

Enroll Now and Unleash Your Brilliance!

Join Griffin Hill's Be Brilliant! Course and take your sales skills to new heights. With Dr. Scott O. Baird's expertise, personalized attention, networking opportunities, and exclusive resources, you'll gain the tools and confidence to excel in persuasive questioning and active listening. Don't miss this opportunity to unleash your brilliance – enroll now!