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Explore Griffin Hill's comprehensive training solutions designed to empower sales professionals and leaders for success. From self-paced online courses to proven coaching methodologies, our programs equip teams with the skills and knowledge to excel in today's competitive sales landscape.


Griffin Hill Certifications


Sales Base Camp


Sales Leadership


Be Brilliant: Advanced Selling Strategies

What Topics Are Covered in the Base Camp Certification?

The Base Camp Certification provides a solid foundation for success in sales.

Key topics include:

Understanding the sales process

Identifying your ideal customer

Building rapport and trust

Effective communication techniques

Handling objections

Closing techniques

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I'm a Sales Leader. How Can the Leadership Certification Benefit Me?

The Leadership Certification helps you:

Build a cohesive and high-performing sales team

Develop practical coaching and mentoring skills

Set and track performance goals that motivate

Create a culture of accountability and continuous improvement

Address team challenges and conflict constructively

How Does the Integrity Sales System Differ from Other Sales Training Programs?

The Integrity Sales System stands out in several ways:

Focus on integrity: Our approach puts ethical behavior and building trust at the forefront.

Scientific basis: The system is rooted in proven principles and draws from research.

Real-world results: It has a track record of driving measurable improvements in sales performance.

Comprehensive coaching: Goes beyond just teaching skills by focusing on mindset and motivation.

What Kind of Support is Provided by the Self-Paced Online Courses?

While the courses are self-paced, you're not on your own! Griffin Hill offers:

Access to online resources and materials

Discussion forums for connecting with other participants

The option to add personalized coaching sessions for additional guidance and support

Base Camp Certification: Empowering Sales Fundamentals

Embark on a journey of sales mastery with Griffin Hill's Base Camp Certification. This self-paced online course, led by renowned expert Dr. Scott Baird, provides practical tools and skills essential for sales success. Dive into critical topics, including sales fundamentals, effective communication strategies, and proven techniques. With on-the-go video access, interactive assignments, and a High-Performance Sales Journal, you'll acquire knowledge that sticks and drives results.


Leadership Certification: Driving Success in Sales Leadership

Take your leadership skills to new heights with Griffin Hill's Leadership Certification. It's tailored for sales leaders and focuses on nine essential leadership skills for driving sales team success. From team building to performance management, gain practical insights and strategies to inspire and motivate your team towards peak performance. Join successful sales leaders who have transformed their teams with Griffin Hill's Leadership Certification.

Empowering Sales Professionals

Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to sales, Griffin Hill's framework empowers you to thrive. Our approach replaces sales stress with confidence and success. With Griffin Hill's proven methodology, you'll have the tools and support you need to excel in today's competitive sales landscape.

How Can Companies from Different Industries Benefit from Griffin Hill's Training Programs?

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Our training programs can help healthcare sales representatives develop the communication and relationship-building skills to effectively interact with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Training can help healthcare sales teams navigate the complex regulatory and reimbursement landscape, ensuring they present their products ethically and competently.

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Software, Technology & IT

Enables tech sales representatives to develop the ability to clearly explain complex technical concepts to non-technical buyers, positioning their solutions as the best fit for the client's problems. Tech sales teams can benefit from training on objection handling, negotiation tactics, and closing skills specifically tailored to the software and technology industry.


Manufacturing and Industrial

Griffin Hill's training can help manufacturing sales teams develop a deep understanding of their products' technical specifications and applications, allowing them to advise engineers and procurement specialists. Training in consultative sales techniques can help manufacturing representatives build strong relationships, identify customer pain points, and collaborate on solutions, leading to larger deals and more loyal customers.


Media & Advertising

Training programs can help media sales representatives build persuasive presentations that showcase the value of their advertising solutions to potential clients. Griffin Hill's training can help media companies develop pricing and negotiation strategies that maximize revenue and profitability.


Professional Services

Training can help consultants learn effective proposal writing and presentation skills, increasing their win rate and improving their ability to command higher fees. Griffin Hill's training can help professional services firms develop a strong brand reputation and thought leadership positioning, attracting high-potential clients.



Griffin Hill's leadership training programs can help corporate sales managers develop the skills to motivate, coach, and mentor their teams effectively. Corporate sales teams can benefit from training on large-scale account management, complex deal negotiation, and navigating internal corporate hierarchies to secure buy-in.