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Explore ScoreCard, an integral component of Griffin Hill’s Integrity Sales System, designed to enhance sales performance. Discover how ScoreCard provides valuable insights and resources to optimize sales strategies and drive remarkable results for your organization.

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Sales Pipeline

  • Visualize prospects' progress & next events
  • Track total revenue generated from cases
  • Add new contacts, tags, and cadences



  • Manage contacts, prospects, and suspects
  • Simplified bulk lists for contacts import
  • View detailed contact information, notes, activities



  • Sync appointments for real-time updates
  • Link appointments to the sales pipeline



  • Overview, Productivity, Proficiency, Performance reports
  • Filter by date, label, and export to Excel/PDF

How Does ScoreCard Differ from Other Sales Tracking Tools?

Actionable Data: ScoreCard focuses on the metrics that matter – those tied to the sales actions that drive revenue.

Griffin Hill's Expertise: ScoreCard is informed by our decades of experience in sales training and performance improvement.

Designed for Coaching: ScoreCard data leads to targeted conversations promoting growth and continuous improvement.


Can ScoreCard be Customized for My Business?

Yes! ScoreCard can be tailored to align with your specific sales process, industry, and performance goals. We'll work with you to determine the most relevant metrics for your team's success, ensuring ScoreCard provides the necessary insights.

How Does ScoreCard Help Improve Sales Performance?

Diagnose Performance Gaps: Pinpoint specific areas where sales reps need additional training or support.

Track Progress and Measure Improvement: Monitor your team's development and the impact of coaching over time.

Align Sales Activities with Results: Identify which behaviors and strategies directly contribute to positive sales outcomes.

Create a Culture of Accountability: Promote transparency and foster a data-driven approach to sales excellence.

Unlock the Power of ScoreCard

Experience the transformative power of ScoreCard, a key element of Griffin Hill's Integrity Sales System. More than just a data management tool, ScoreCard offers a comprehensive solution to elevate your sales performance. Gain a clear overview of features, advantages, benefits, and proofs, empowering you to optimize your sales approach and achieve unparalleled success


Unlock ScoreCard's Potential with Our Infographic

Explore our ScoreCard Infographic to explore how this tool can revolutionize your sales strategies. Gain valuable insights into how ScoreCard enhances your sales approach and empowers your organization to thrive. With ScoreCard, you can access invaluable resources and insights to drive your sales performance to new heights.

Elevate Your Sales Journey with ScoreCard

Discover the difference ScoreCard can make in your sales journey and elevate your performance to unprecedented levels. As an essential component of Griffin Hill's Integrity Sales System, ScoreCard offers unparalleled support and guidance to sales professionals like you. Experience firsthand how ScoreCard transforms your sales processes, empowering you to confidently navigate the complexities of sales and achieve lasting success in today's competitive market.

Experience Success with ScoreCard

Explore the benefits and advantages of ScoreCard firsthand and witness the transformation it brings to your sales processes. With ScoreCard, success is within reach. Empower yourself with the tools and insights to optimize your sales strategies and drive remarkable results. Elevate your sales performance with ScoreCard and unlock your full potential in sales excellence.

Ready to elevate your sales performance with Griffin Hill's ScoreCard?

Start your journey to success with Griffin Hill's ScoreCard. Schedule a consultation today to discover how ScoreCard can transform your sales approach. Achieve remarkable results and take your sales to the next level with ScoreCard!


Ready to revolutionize your sales approach with Scorecard

John Green, a business owner and solo salesperson of a small development firm, needed to increase revenue to reach his growth goals. Using ScoreCard, John calculated the monthly extra closes required to achieve his desired investment amount. With additional reports from ScoreCard, he identified the necessary productivity levels. By engineering his performance with Griffin Hill’s Schedule Next Event Play and ScoreCard, John successfully met his goals, demonstrating ScoreCard's effectiveness in optimizing sales strategies and driving remarkable results.

John Green
Business Owner

How Can Companies from Different Industries Benefit from ScoreCard?

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ScoreCard can help track patient referrals, identify which healthcare providers are sending the most (and best quality) leads, optimizing outreach efforts. Healthcare sales reps can use ScoreCard to track their progress on complex sales, ensuring they are completing all the necessary steps to win the business.

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Software, Technology & IT

ScoreCard's metrics can reveal which sales process stages are slowing down deals, allowing tech companies to adjust for faster deal closures. Software companies can use ScoreCard to track individual sales rep performance across different product lines, identifying areas for targeted training or coaching.


Manufacturing and Industrial

ScoreCard helps manufacturing sales teams understand which products or equipment have the highest win rates, informing their selling strategy. Distributors and sales reps can use ScoreCard to monitor their performance against sales quotas, incentivizing them to hit targets.


Media & Advertising

ScoreCard's focus on sales activities can help media sales teams ensure they're making the right number of calls or sending the required amount of proposals to reach their goals. Advertising agencies can use ScoreCard to monitor how different ad campaigns are performing, helping them make data-driven recommendations to their clients.


Professional Services

ScoreCard helps professional services firms track billable hours, ensuring consultants are staying productive and projects remain profitable. ScoreCard can track the progress of proposals throughout the pipeline, helping professional services companies stay organized and on top of their projects.



Scorecard gives corporate sales leaders a comprehensive look at performance across different regions, business units, or product lines. ScoreCard can be integrated with other reporting tools to create enterprise-wide dashboards, giving executives a bird's-eye view of sales performance.

Take the lead in sales performance with ScoreCard!

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