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Explore how Griffin Hill's Priority Alignment Tool (PAT) transforms organizational performance. Designed to eliminate distractions and foster focus, PAT empowers teams to align tasks seamlessly, enhancing satisfaction and productivity.

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Streamlined Alignment

  • Clear Organizational Goals
  • Facilitates One-on-One Meetings
  • Effective Daily Check-ins


Heightened Productivity and Engagement

  • Enhanced Communication & Task Prioritization
  • Real Time Performance Evaluation
  • Increased Motivation & Amplified Performance

What is the Priority Alignment Tool, and How Does it Work?

The Priority Alignment Tool (PAT) is a web-based application designed to help teams and individuals focus on their most important tasks. It provides a structured way to prioritize daily activities, ensure alignment with larger goals, and avoid distractions derailing productivity. Users list their tasks and rank them by priority, and PAT helps keep them on track, maximizing their daily impact.


How Does PAT Improve Team Performance?

PAT promotes a shared sense of purpose within teams. When everyone can see how their tasks contribute to the team's overall goals, it creates a stronger sense of engagement and collaboration. PAT also helps teams:

Reduce time wasted on less critical tasks: Prioritization helps team members focus on what moves the needle.

Minimize miscommunications: Clear priorities within PAT reduce the need for constant micromanagement, leading to smoother workflows.

Identify potential bottlenecks early: If team members struggle to complete high-priority tasks, it signals the need for adjustments or additional resources.

Besides Productivity, What Other Benefits Does PAT Offer?

PAT directly impacts job satisfaction and employee retention. When people feel that their work is meaningful and that they're progressing towards shared goals, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged. This leads to a more positive work environment and reduces the desire to seek opportunities elsewhere.

Can Individuals and Teams Use PAT?

Yes! PAT is flexible. While it brings tremendous value to team alignment, it equally benefits individuals. Sales professionals, project managers, and anyone seeking to improve their time management and goal achievement will benefit from PAT.

Introducing PAT: Your Key to Elevated Performance

Meet Griffin Hill's Priority Alignment Tool (PAT), your ultimate solution for boosting organizational performance. Crafted with precision, PAT is a dynamic web app that ignites productivity and cultivates focus among team members. With its intuitive interface and seamless task prioritization features, PAT empowers teams to achieve their goals efficiently.

Boost Productivity and Retain Talent with PAT

Experience the transformative impact of Griffin Hill's Priority Alignment Tool (PAT) in boosting productivity and retaining talent. By addressing common turnover factors like work-life balance and misalignment, PAT aligns tasks seamlessly, fostering engagement and fulfillment. With PAT, organizations can create a culture of motivation and growth.

Cultivate Engagement and Fulfillment

Learn a new era of productivity and fulfillment with Griffin Hill's Priority Alignment Tool (PAT). PAT enhances organizational performance and satisfaction by promoting a culture of motivation and engagement. Say goodbye to turnover risks and hello to a brighter, more productive future with PAT.


Ready to revolutionize your sales approach with Priority Alignment Tool

iHeartMedia faced challenges in boosting engagement, performance, and retention. They achieved remarkable results by implementing the Priority Alignment Tool to align priorities and tasks between managers and employees. The company surpassed its stretch goals by 225%, saw increased employee motivation and performance, and experienced reduced turnover rates due to clearer priorities and better alignment. This success demonstrates the effectiveness of the Priority Alignment Tool in addressing common workplace challenges and driving better business outcomes.
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How Can Companies from Different Industries Benefit from Priority Alignment Tool?

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The PAT can help healthcare teams coordinate complex patient care plans, ensuring all providers are aligned on priorities and preventing tasks from falling through the cracks. Healthcare administrators can use the PAT to prioritize initiatives, manage budgets, and allocate resources effectively.

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Software, Technology & IT

Tech teams can use the PAT to prioritize feature development, bug fixes, and sprint goals, resulting in faster time-to-market and more satisfied customers. The PAT can help tech support teams manage their workload effectively, ensuring critical customer issues are resolved quickly while focusing on other important tasks.


Manufacturing and Industrial

The PAT can help manufacturing teams prioritize production schedules, optimize inventory levels, and prevent bottlenecks in the supply chain. Manufacturing project managers can use the PAT to manage complex projects with multiple stakeholders, ensuring all tasks are completed on time and within budget.


Media & Advertising

The PAT can help media teams prioritize campaign development, client communication, and creative deliverables, ensuring successful deadlines and campaigns. Media buyers can use the PAT to manage complex ad buys across multiple platforms to maximize their client's budget and reach.


Professional Services

PAT helps professional services firms track billable hours, ensuring consultants are staying productive and projects remain profitable. PAT can track the progress of proposals throughout the pipeline, helping professional services companies stay organized and on top of their projects.



The PAT ensures that consultants are focused on the most critical client tasks and are prioritizing deliverables for project success. Corporate sales managers can use the PAT to allocate resources effectively, ensuring that projects are staffed appropriately and completed on time.

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