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Griffin Hill Sales System

The Griffin Hill Sales System is the most complete sales methodology available. Our six step sales process brings immediate and sustained results. Principle based with clear plays to facilitate the moving from one step to the next in the sales process, this methodology is proven to increase the odds of success. Companies like IntegraCore of Salt Lake City increased their new sales by 300% in the first five months of use.


The process is founded upon the 6-Step Sales System. The sales process begins with an initial verbal contact and follows the subsequent steps that progress a prospect to completion-either a sale or “no thanks.” Each step has a discrete set of plays that mobilize the process.

Familiarity with the Griffin Hill process provides a common language for salespeople while establishing duplicable results and measurable accountability. This common language engenders a positive and winning sales culture for the organization. Implementing the process delivers a number of distinct and profitable benefits. Salespeople gain a new level of confidence and professionalism that is recognized by their clients and rewarded with higher close rates and greater financial success. Sales cycles are shortened as pseudo-prospects are automatically purged from the pipeline when progress isn’t being made. Business volume increases as sales cycles shorten. Company image and prestige improves as a new sales culture takes root and professionalism is recognized by the marketplace.


If the process is the skeleton for the Griffin Hill System, the plays are the muscle, tendons and sinew that mobilize the process. Plays are the small steps that complete each of the process milestones. Proper execution of plays increases the likelihood of moving to the next step in the sales process. Plays are principle based. They are not scripts, but they do have a proper sequence.

Plays provide a flexible framework where salespeople can apply their individual strengths, skills and personality without compromising the integrity of the process. With the Griffin Hill 6-Step Sales System, salespeople always have a playbook of what to do in any given situation. This puts the odds of success in their favor in competitive situations. Griffin Hill’s plays guide salespeople to close a higher percentage of their opportunities, and sales organizations typically experience rapid, substantial, and sustainable increases in new sales revenue.

Griffin Hill Coaching Technology

At Griffin Hill we know from statistical research that most training participants typically experience an immediate improvement in productivity. However without regular reinforcement of the principles taught, productivity wanes over time, and within 90 days attendees have typically reverted back to whatever levels of performance they were experiencing prior to the training.

In order to meaningfully influence a corporation’s culture, Process and Plays must become habit. Griffin Hill’s coaching rotation solves this problem. Griffin Hill has developed a coaching methodology that rotates topics through different aspects of competence: analytical (Numbers Day), theoretical (Theory Day), practical (Case Study Day), and developmental (Skill Day). In less than an hour each week our coaching (live /virtual) sessions develop habits that improve competence and consistency over time.

Griffin Hill ScoreCard (sales metrics) Technology

ScoreCard is unique in that it has leading as well as lagging sales metrics. ScoreCard is software that can be integrated into your CRM or used as a standalone product. As a sales metrics tool, ScoreCard provides the information every sales leader must have to make good decisions and every sales person should be using to manage their pipeline.

The sales process must be measurable. The old business adage holds true: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” But what needs to be measured? Traditional sales programs measure everything that happens up until the first contact and then jump to the measurement of sales dollar amounts or number of closes, never measuring what actually happens when the real selling is taking place.

Clearly, sales volume is a lagging indicator that doesn’t address how to improve sales. The most significant leading indicator is the progress of a client through the sales process. This is what the Griffin Hill system measures – every move from initial contact to completion. As we measure the leading indicators (number of cases in the pipeline and progression of the cases through the sales process) we can guide the salesperson to lead a prospect through that process, and thus close a higher percentage of sales opportunities.

Most sales teams are victims of busy work-reporting only weekly call reports and 30-60-90 forecasts. The majority of Sales Managers don’t put much stock in these reports. They know the call reports are largely fabricated and the forecasts are wish lists of what the salespeople hope they’ll close.

Sales Managers are desperate for true sales accountability, real-time vision into a company’s sales pipeline, and an accurate forecasting mechanism. Griffin Hill’s web-based ScoreCard tool provides all three. ScoreCard is designed to track how effectively salespeople are using the Process and Plays they have been taught. ScoreCard automatically assigns points as a prospect advances through each step of the Process.

ScoreCard requires only three pieces of information from the salesperson to generate over 20 reports in the areas of productivity (how much work they are doing), proficiency (how skillfully they are doing that work) and performance (volume, deal size and pipeline).

ScoreCard identifies areas of strength to celebrate, and specific skills that need improvement, while fostering a new level of interactivity and competition in the sales team that drives improved performance.

The reporting benefits of ScoreCard are tremendous. True objectivity and accountability provides an effective yardstick to measure and evaluate sales performance. Point-based metrics permit the generation of sales reports that are always current and always accurate, including close ratios, average days in the sales cycle, and real-time forecasts based on historical close rates.

Our Promise

The Griffin Hill Sales System will provide rapid, substantial, and sustainable revenue results:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Success Percentage
  • Increased Close Rates
  • Increased Margins
  • Shortened Sales Cycle

There are four vital components of Griffin Hill’s Coaching Technology: Process, Plays, Metrics, and Coaching.