Getting Started

Goal Achiever

Step 1: Capture your starting point

Step 2: Watch the videos

Step 3: Build your first goal

Step 4: Capture results


Capture your starting point, if you haven’t already. Click the button to answer 6 easy questions about goals in your life:

STEP 2 – Watch these short Videos

Why Goal Achiever (2 min)

Why use Goal Achiever? How about DOUBLING your results?

Why use Goal Achiever? To grow in confidence and power…

“By knowing I was going to account by physically adding input and seeing that data every day right in front of me, I grew in confidence.
Having that week right before me and seeing the data I entered everyday was power.

“Yes, it’s goal setting, but it’s really goal achieving.  Goal Achiever helps me do that.”  ~ Mitch McCuistion, CEO

hover over the quotes mark below to read Mitch’s full story

Getting Started (3 min)

How to Create a Goal Quickly (4 min, health example)

How to Use Goal Wizard (4 min, sales example)

How to Evaluate Your Goals (5 min, sales example)

Dr. Scott Baird Teaches SMARTER Goals (22 min, from our Goal Setting Course)

Not required before using Goal Achiever, but helpful to understanding SMARTER Goals methodology.

STEP 3 – Build Your First Goal

Use Goal Wizard to create a SMARTER Goal that:

– is 1 week long

– has only 1 activity

As you use Goal Achiever for the first time, be sure to capture your thoughts and experience. In Step 4, you’ll share your impressions and feedback.

Remember, you need a free Insider account to access Achievement Hub, which is where you’ll find Goal Achiever.
If you need help setting up your member account, email Todd at this address: toddb[at]

STEP 4 – Capture Your Results

This step is all about accountability and follow through, by documenting your experience in both using the tool and outcomes on your actual goals.

Click the button below to report your experience and results.