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Griffin Hill Strategic Impact System

"I now have clarity on where to focus my efforts and resources, and how to approach the markets we want to be in." - Jeff Flamm CEO Infinite Mind

What is the Strategic Impact System?

SIS is a guided strategic planning process, brought to life with a Griffin Hill Coach who will instruct and lead clients in the use of the Strategic Impact System. Griffin Hill’s Strategic Impact System (SIS) helps clients plan for the future, and engineer their desired organizational structure and culture. Clients will see this System lead them to their desired outcome. The Griffin Hill Strategic Impact System™ is the finest executive development course available.

How Do I Know If I need It?

The easiest way is to schedule a free consultation. Do so now by filling out the form on the right.
Be ready! We will call the number you enter within a few minutes of entering it! Here are some questions you can ask yourself while you wait for your phone to ring.

  • Do you have a competitive advantage in your market place?
  • Are you maintaining that advantage?
  • Does your company have a vision?
  • What is it?
  • Does that vision clearly express your goals and strategy?
  • Does everyone within the organization know it?

These questions and more, require thought, planning, and organizational involvement. The Griffin Hill Strategic Planning System will do the leg work for you.

“The downstop of strategic planning allowed us to articulate clearly the vision we have for iHeartMedia as well as specific growth goals/strategies. It’s in the forefront of the team’s mind and is definitely one of the key reasons we have seen year over year growth of 9% while the radio market is down 3%.” – Judy Copier Senior VP of Sales, iHeartMedia

How Will SIS Help My Business?

The guided strategic planning model slashes the typical cost of strategic planning. This Griffin Hill innovation makes top tier strategic planning available to everyone. Griffin Hill provides our proprietary system, clear instruction and an expert coach to guide the process. The client’s company provides the man power and hard work to complete the course in a timely and effective manner. The whole process develops organizational leaders and elevates business skills. SIS will stack the odds of success in your favor, boost your business value, and build a culture where success, explosive growth, and achievement are the norm!