We experienced a 408% increase

in sales over the previous year’s quarter.

–Daryl Sisk, A Plus Benefits



Change Your Personal and Business Life for the Better

Strategic Planning

Evaluate your business, your strategy, and your employees with our comprehensive strategic planning system. Watch your business thrive, grow, and expand like never before.

Leadership Management

Become a master thought leader in your business space and in your personal life. Learn the principles of high achievement and how to apply them to your business to be the leader employees look up to.


Answer the question of how to get a sale with one of the world’s greatest, most comprehensive, and easily applied sales systems. Boost your revenue, build your pipeline, and succeed more without compromising integrity.

Human Resources

Now introducing our new HR toolset, with products and coaching opportunities to improve your company culture, boost retention, and more.


Gain access to the incredible tools of human performance psychology to master customer service. Boost your retention rate, grow customer service skillsets, and boost satisfaction like never before.

The Griffin Hill Sales System is the most complete sales performance and training program ever developed.

Our clients see substantial improvements within a few months of implementing our system.

Who We Are

Griffin Hill was founded with a single purpose: to save and change lives. Since our founding, Griffin Hill has been doing just that for a wide variety of companies including Xerox Connect, iHeartMedia, Vivint, and many others. Griffin Hill places our value in our systems, built on the foundation of integrity and our ability to deliver lasting success to our clients.

What We Do for You

Griffin Hill is equipped with some of the world’s greatest business, sales, and lifestyle achievement tools and products. Giving greater success to our clients is our priority. We have seen our clients exceed their goals by more than 300%. We don’t guarantee that same result for everyone, but are confident that we can do something similar for you.

Strategic Planning

  • Tools

    Implement the tools that will make your winning business strategy work for you.

  • CEO Success

    Relieve the weight of launching untested and untrusted skillsets, tools, and strategy for minimal results. Be the owner of success with winning systems.

  • Strategy

    Find comfort in knowing that you’re trusting incredible, research based strategy proven to help you succeed.

  • Protection

    Griffin Hill strategic planning protects your business in three important ways: research, analysis, and innovation. Strategic Planning will boost and organize your business as well as defend the ground you’ve won.

Leadership Management

  • Achievement

    Become a top achiever both in the office and in your personal life.

  • Theory

    Implement powerful Leadership theory backed by comprehensive research. These theory packages are built to ensure you become a leader everyone will want to look up to.

  • Coaching

    Keep your productivity evergreen and constantly increasing with coaching rather than reversing towards the death knell of old habits.

  • Team

    Be the leader that teams and employees can look to for an example.

Sales Training

  • Process

    Learn the six step system proven to close more deals.

  • Plays

    Break up the six steps into easily practiced and mastered skills.

  • Metrics

    See the right kind of metrics to build productivity and avoid mistaken conclusion that come from false data.

  • Coaching

    Improve sales average by continually increasing skill through powerful and valuable coaching.

Customer Service

  • Process

    Learn system and strategy to become a business known for their incredible customer service.

  • Plays

    Take out parts of process to practice and master the system in hands on ways.

  • Metrics

    Look at the right numbers to get the right results.  

  • Coaching

    Continue to progress and improve with hands on coaching.

Human Resources

  • CPI Survey

    Help teammates, co-workers, and the business understand, synergize, and communicate more effectively with one another.

  • Process to Success

    Use powerful Griffin Hill systems that are proven to help build greater satisfaction and expansive company culture.

  • Team Building

    Build a team orientation by helping employees synergize in their work spaces, improve themselves, and support each other. 

  • Strategy

    Use a winning strategy to make your HR department have greater success and deeper influence on employee moral and the skills to make a workplace a safe and encouraging place. 


Rick Bartholomew

“Prior to Griffin Hill I was constantly searching for answers to my sales challenges. We now have a sales system, we have a common language, and after 10 years, I know we have the right answers for our sales team.”

Rick BartholomewCEO, A Plus Benefits
Dr. Sterling Bone

“The Griffin Hill Sales System is the most dynamic, comprehensive sales system I’ve seen!”

Dr. Sterling BoneUSU Huntsman School of Business
Doug Ferrell

“We help clients save time and money, alleviate headaches and help companies go to market faster. Griffin Hill has helped us communicate and fulfill these benefits. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes from fulfilling promises.”

Doug FerrellIntegraCore