The Other Side Academy – My Story

by Scott Baird

Why I’m Sharing this Story

Our mission at Griffin Hill is to save and change lives. Wherever that can happen or is happening in our world, we want to support it.

Just like I state on my LinkedIn profile, I am personally committed to serve the people to whom I am connected. If I can provide an introduction for you, I am willing. If I can introduce new ideas or old ideas that have real substance and power, I will do it. If I can share a tool or a technology that might help you, I am eager to be of value.

It doesn’t matter if it’s something I thought of or it’s something someone else shared with me. If it elevates the human condition; if it makes a difference for good; if it is laudable and deserving of attention, then I want to wholeheartedly endorse and share it.

I know there are many of you out there who desire to make a real difference and support a great cause, if only you could find something that actually produces results, something that is efficient with—and makes the most of—your contribution.

I am not an official spokesperson for The Other Side Academy. I am simply sharing my experience independently because of my hunger to do so. This is my story of conversion to its value in saving and changing lives.

I was dying.

Or at least felt like I could be. I glanced at

my friend who was gasping for breath as

desperately as I was. We weren’t the vigorous

bulls of our youth, but still thought we could

hike like we were. While recovering, we admired

the mountain view.

Finally, he spoke: “I can tell you ten subtle ways

that a CEO of a billion-dollar company is losing

trust from those he leads and how it will slowly

kill the business, yet I can’t tell you if that giant

tree is deciduous or not based on its…continue reading