The Sales Mentor Program Review

Many CEOs, sales leaders, and even salespeople believe that any sales mentoring program will solve the problem of getting a sales rep or account executive to the point of competency and effective at selling. But that’s just not the case.

Let’s kick off our review of the Sales Mentor program by recalling the key elements that any sales mentoring program should have if it’s going to be successful at helping a salesperson to fill the pipeline and close more new clients.

First, consider the actual mentor. A sales mentor should be a real live person. Even if a program has non-human components (such as automated feedback systems or robot guides), a sales rep should still get the value of a human being to interact with. There is no substitute (not yet anyway) for a human being as a mentor.

Such a mentor–also called a coach–should be knowledgeable and experienced in selling. She should also be deeply intimate with a proven sales process, persuasion principles, and performance improvement methods. That leads us to our next consideration.

A top sales coaching program will include and be built on a foundation of a thorough, yet simple-to-follow sales process–a process made of up all the potent plays in the correct order. This will allow the salesperson to learn what to do at any point in interaction with prospects. But it also allows the mentor to coach and advise in context of a mutually understood framework.

Finally, for maximum success and to be most helpful, the mentor should be available nearly 24/7. This doesn’t mean he must take calls at any hour of any day, but he should be responsive through emails or texts each day. And at the very least, the mentor should be coaching live (either in person or virtual) once a month.

Now that we know what an effective and ROI-producing sales mentorship should have, let’s evaluate The Sales Mentor program.

It doesn’t look good from the get go. An initial search returns these top two results:

the sales mentor program reviews

A quick scroll through their website reveals a strong vibe of get-rich-quick, and even the very words of success with “one button click.”

Clearly this “sales mentoring” is not about helping CEOs, sales leaders, or salespeople already in companies. Rather, this program is looking to persuade those “make money on the internet” searchers who would love to quit their day job.

There are more effective ways to help sales teams get the kind of coaching they need.