What to Know About Management Leadership for Tomorrow

At Griffin Hill, we fully support Management Leadership for Tomorrow and all such efforts to prepare more men and women to be capable, empowered leaders, whether in business, government, or charitable organizations.

The reason we applaud MLT for their efforts is because we know the dire situation that faces not only the USA but all the world when it comes to the dangerously low number of competent people prepared to fill the vast need for leadership. Indeed, as Gallop concluded:

“85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. The economic consequences of this global ‘norm’ are approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity.”

That’s a fair chunk of change, wouldn’t you say? And when most of those trillions could be saved by leaders who know what to do and have the tools to do them, it becomes clear no single organization can solve this problem. We need as many people and companies fighting this fight as possible.

According to themselves, they are a national nonprofit that who began in 2002. They claim to be transforming the leadership pipelines of more than 120 leading organizations. And that this transformation is driving breakthrough results for individuals and institutions.

So who exactly are some of these leading organizations who are getting a new hot source of ready-to-go leaders?

While tough to find, they do eventually name some of these top companies. They mention Google, BCG, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. They say they have 150+ partner organizations, including leading corporations, social-sector organizations, and universities.

Management Leadership for Tomorrow works with minorities in college but also in their jobs.