What Does It Mean to Be a Fearless Leader? …and How to Become One

What does it mean to be a fearless leader?

Well, you know what it means to be fearless (without fear). And you probably have some inkling of what a leader is. But then what does it mean for a leader to be fearless?

One way to look at it is: what kinds of things could a leader be afraid of?

Another angle is to question the idea of no fear: Is all fear bad? Is there ever any fear that could be good for a leader to have?

Then finally, is it really the absence of fear we want? Is zero fear even possible for a human in a leadership position? After all, what is the popular thing we like to tell children? “Being brave isn’t about not being scared, it’s about taking action in the face of that fear.”

Whatever the case, the idea of being a leader who is fearless is quite compelling. We all have fears. And just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean those fears disappear.

What are some fears leaders have most often that can limit their ability to lead?

Fearless Leaders Overcome These Fears

Fears that handicap leaders:

  • My workers or my team will not get it right (and therefore I need to do it)
  • My workers or my team are not motivated enough, not committed enough
  • I’m unsure as to the best course of action
  • What if this doesn’t work?
  • What will they think of me? My employees might think bad of me. My family might snicker at me.
  • The world will discover that I’m a fraud (in the sense that I don’t really know what I’m doing)

For Griffin Hill, the idea of being fearless is something we’re familiar with. We helped a university tennis coach lead his players to championships by sharing with him one of our performance tools and methods: high performance journaling.

The tennis coach then wrote a book called The Fearless Mind, in which he illustrated the powerful habit of reflecting and writing. So does Griffin Hill know a thing or two about leadership? Indubitably. Does Griffin Hill know a little something about helping people to build habits that generate confidence and fearlessness. You bet.

If you want to become a fearless leader, Griffin Hill’s leadership principles and skills development program is a smart place to start.