Executive Team Leader Target Salary

What’s the right executive team leader target salary?

That’s a question that many CEOs and founders end up asking as they look to build out their executive team.

While salary is important, it’s clearly not the only persuasive factor in enticing a strong, competent team leader who has the leadership skills needed to grow a successful team.

Naturally, there will be some variance in average salaries depending on location in the USA. It’s no surprise that California, especially the Bay area, and New York will pay much higher than the rest of the company.

You’ll also want to ensure the new leader will mesh well personality-wise, but also that there will be a good cultural fit. Will his or her leadership style work well with the rest of the executive team?

Should the team leader get paid more than the executives she is leading? Or should it be the same? Will this matter to the executives? Will it matter to the team lead?

If you’re reading this, you likely already know what an executive team leader does and why they are valuable.

In a way, they are like an executive coach. Think of an executive coach, but one that coaches the entire C-level team.

Leaders need coaching just like any other employee, perhaps more so. Coaching is a great way to get an outside perspective, get honest feedback, and stay focused on the most important activities and on continual improvement.

One of the attributes that makes Griffin Hill’s performance system stand out is that our coaching (which is one core component along with technology and process) is unlimited.

Yes, you read that right.

Un. Limited.

What does unlimited coaching mean? It means you, as the executive (CEO, CRO, COO, etc.), can reach out to a Griffin Hill Achievement Coach through text or email at any time of day, for all 31 days in the month. The coach will respond in a timely and reasonable manner.

This is in addition to the 30 minute live coaching call our clients get each month.