Breakouts Decider Chart – Traffic & Conversion Summit 2020

We’re looking forward to attending Traffic & Conversion Summit 2020. In fact, our Griffin Hill team is so excited by all the keynotes and breakout sessions that we created an overview chart of all breakouts so we could easily plan who is going to attend which session to make sure we hit all the ones that will help our team as a whole.

We know the app is coming soon, but we like this printable birds-eye-view too. You get all breakouts for the entire day on one sheet of paper, three pages total. Plus it’s an interactive PDF, so you can type names or whatever right into the digital chart too. If it helps us then hey, maybe it could help other teams too. So here it is. Hope you find it useful.

No email required. If you like it, comment below and tell us what you’re planning to check out at the summit.

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