The Webinar to Win Series

The Griffin Hill monthly Webinar to Win Series is your opportunity to win more. Listen to some of the best and brightest — the experts in the business world for FREE. Each month you will get to hear from Griffin Hill in partnership with other companies who are equally invested in your success.

Mark it on your calendar, the third week of every month at 11:00 am (MDT) is your time to tune in and get the latest and greatest. The following incredible benefits will be yours:

  • Deeper Understanding of Principles to Success

  • The Chance to Hear From Some of the Greatest Business Thought Leaders

  • The Inside Scoop on Systems, Products, and Tools


May 18th 2017: Liberate the Power of Persuasion

Sales, Marketing, and Business all require the essential skill of persuasion! Embedded within the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System is the power of the persuasive message. Those who are able to master the system are able to win more deals, build more pipeline, and grow their revenue to heights they never thought possible. Liberate your own persuasive power by learning the strategy behind it! Some oft he great insights Dr. Baird will discuss include:

  • Pathos VS Logos
  • Whether you want to be first to speak in a debate, or last
  • How to implement the power of persuasion to win more deals
  • How using persuasion correctly can boost your productivity


Dr. Baird, founder of Griffin Hill, brings over 25 years of business performance research and consulting experience. Dr. Baird’s innovative breakthroughs in human and organizational performance constitute a new technology that elevates organizational performance. Griffin Hill clients experience significant increases in human productivity and revenues. Dr. Baird completed his undergraduate work at Washington State University graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science. Following his studies at Washington State, Dr. Baird completed his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree at City University and his Ph.D. in Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University.

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