Vision: What Is Your System?

Spring has arrived. Blossoms are bursting on the trees and in the fields. It is finally the season where we get to put seeds back into the soil and watch as the world re-grows and renews. Cultivating a garden is not always easy. Planting too early can lead to seeds frosting over and dying, while planting too late can lead to sun scorched buds that dry out and perish. With the renewal of life, let us also renew our vision of life and avoid those seeds being lost in the burnt or frosty soils of failure.

A proverb states: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” This little verse is one we like to consider at Griffin Hill. This adage states the truth regardless of how you apply it in your life, business or personal. In the same way that a flower dies without proper timing and nourishment, sales, business, and personal goals all require vision, or they will wilt. When there is no vision, we lose our sense of direction. Purpose and meaning vanish away from our day to day activities. Vision in business is the water, sunlight, and proper timing that will yield success.

It is important to realize that vision is quite different from just a dream. We talk about dreams like they are great ideas — good things that we hope will one day come to us. Dreams are vapor. They are as insubstantial as mist. They invite us to hope, but they sometimes fail to drive us to act. Vision, however, is a word with roots that mean “I know” and “I Clearly see”. Vision is powerful. Vision brings us, not to some imaginary “I hope so”, but instead, it leads us to our highest achievements. A vision drives us to act, because we know it is attainable. Vision may be currently out of reach, but with effort and correct systems it can be achieved.

The means by which we attain our vision all comes down to the systems we use. We use them in our thoughts every day, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The ways we choose to think, the words we choose to say, and the actions we choose to take all make up our personal systems. Many of those day-to-day acts actually frustrate our ability to attain our goals. We are our own block to achieving our vision! If we master thinking thoughts, speaking words, and acting in ways that empower us to move forward, we can rocket ourselves forward towards achievement.

As we looked at the proverb before, it states: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” In Japanese, the translation has a much deeper meaning. It states that where there is no vision, the people act on their own selfish inclinations, and therefore perish!

Our own personal systems are not always the best ones to employ to reach our goals. Certainly our reflexes will tend to lead us off the path of achievement. One habit that will prove helpful to achieving our vision is learning to think positively. This is, of course, easier said than done. He who takes setbacks and challenges as opportunities for growth is on the right path. Guide your thoughts to a more positive level. Notice when you are beginning to slip into a negative mindset and change your perspective then and there. The longer we go down the path of negativity and laziness, the more difficult it will be to change our perspective. This is a very rudimentary example of a habit or “system” that can be applied.

At Griffin Hill we believe in employing a system because we know it works! That is exactly why the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System is sometimes just called “The System.” It has changed our lives. It has changed our client’s lives. It can change yours. Find out how.