Validation Play

Throughout the sales process, there are formula’s and ideas that, when executed correctly, stack the odds of success in your favor. Formula’s, ideas, and principles form Systems that we use at Griffin Hill to achieve higher. Unfortunately, some of the most fundamental principles we use are frequently understated or forgotten in the sales process. One is validation. This has such great importance that in our own Griffin Hill Sales System™ it is an entire sales play.

The Validation Play will help you to become a better sales person. As you master Validation, your influence increases along with your prospect’s trust and respect for you. Relationships are redefined and become more meaningful, all through proper use of the Validation Play! Use the Validation Play freely and with sincerity.

The Sales System™ employs metrics, hands on coaching and processes to ensure the high achievement and progress of our clients. It teaches the powerful purposes of validation as one of it’s many advantages. For this very reason, we have managed to increase the productivity of our clients. Xerox Connect reported that we increased their top line revenue by over 300%! At Griffin Hill, our systems speak for themselves.

Your success is our priority. Fill out the form on the right and get your free PDF on Validation and check out our Youtube channel and blog for further tools on both Validation and the Griffin Hill Sales System™. Achieve more!

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