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6 Steps to a Successful Sales Call
Attempts to Needs Audit Report
Case Study 2
Case Study Types
Case Study Day Video Example
Creating Status Quo Queries
Goal Setting
Overcoming Objections
Reports and Numbers
Solution Presentation
Tactical Case Study
The Benefits of Metrics
Using Status Quo Queries
Utilizing ScoreCard

Griffin Hill Basics

GHB 6 Steps to a successful Sales Call
GHB Overcoming Objections
GHB The Benefits of Metrics
GHB Utilizing ScoreCard
WC1 Numbers Day

WC005 Utilizing ScoreCard
WC009 Reports and Numbers
WC013 Attempts to Needs Audit Report
WC2 Case Study Day

WC002 Case Study Video Example
WC007 Tactical Case Studies
WC011 Case Study Types
WC015 Case Study 2
WC3 Theory Day

WC001 The Benefits of Metrics
WC006 Overcoming Objections
WC010 Gratitude
WC014 Goal Setting
WC4 Skill Day

WC003 Six Steps to A Successful Sales Call
WC008 Creating Effective Status Quo Queries
WC012 Using Effective Status Quo Queries

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