The Journey to Achievement

The noted theologian Joseph Campbell spent a large portion of his life reading and writing. Under circumstances of deep study and education, he created what is known as “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, sometimes referred to as “The Hero’s Journey.” It is a remarkable formula that dictates the pattern of nearly every folktale and story ever created. The stories begin in an ordinary world and evolve until the hero has attained a goal, gained a victory, or overcome the ultimate trial. The formula is not bound by culture or race. It has been followed since the earliest manuscripts to the most recent blockbuster movies. Joseph Campbell revealed that this is because those story patterns mimic the patterns of human existence. For that reason, “The Hero’s Journey” has been used to help solve people’s life problems. It patterns sales as well. The path of your story leads to achievement and success. Griffin Hill is your answer to getting there safely.

Start at the ordinary world – your status quo. Status quo feels safe, it feels comfortable, but it is stagnant. Don’t linger there. Create a vision and make a move. One of the patterns found in nearly every story is near the beginning we get a mentor character. A wise and experienced individual who has travelled the path, gained the experience, and knows what will bring success. Their purpose is to help bring the hero to victory. Consider Griffin Hill your mentor. We will help you get to where you want to go. Our experience is yours to utilize. There will be many paths to achievement that you could pick. The highest and greatest of all these paths is the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. This system is the path to success! It is an easier path. It is a more reliable path, and it is one founded on principles of human psychology. Learn more about the system and how it can be your path to success HERE.

As you travel this road, you will need tools to help you. The Hero will usually use things like a compass or a map. At Griffin Hill, we call it the High Performance Journal. This tool accelerates your ascent to success. This journal holds the power to show you exactly where you are and what you need to do to move forward. With areas to reflect and write, as well as ways to rate and analyze your behaviors, you will find that this tool is greater than a compass or a travel log on your journey to achievement. Check out more on the journal as your compass HERE.

Lastly, to reach the end goal of achievement you will need another character type found in the Hero’s Journey. They are called allies. They are friends, helpers, protectors, and defenders. They are coaches. At Griffin Hill, our coaching staff works for your success. They are a constant support system to boost your skill level and give you everything you need to reach the end goal of high achievement. With regularly scheduled coaching, you will find your path enjoyable and profitable. Check out more on coaches HERE.

Wherever you are in your journey to achievement or how distant the goal may sometimes seem, you can make it there and we can help you. That journey includes more revenue. It includes expanding your pipeline. It includes meeting your highest goals. Now is the time to achieve more. Want to know more? Start your journey by watching Dr. Baird’s video here.