System: More Closes. More Customers. More Commissions.

Act now or lose thousands of dollars in commissions. The choices you make today, right now, will determine your ability to generate revenue and commissions in the next 12 months. With the same amount of effort, your sales can steadily improve—even skyrocket—or you can fight for left-overs, scraps and meager results. Your decision, made immediately, will determine the path you walk and the rewards you earn for the balance of your productive life.

If you choose urgent utility of, adherence to, and skill with the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System ™ you will out-perform your peers and devastate your competitors. The System ™ has a power that even the experienced journeyman doesn’t fully comprehend. One illustration of the hidden power is the capacity to stimulate urgency in suspects, prospects, decision-makers, and buyers. The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System ™ is a complete technology of sales and selling. It encompasses all the principles, concepts, techniques and practical applications and systems associated with the discipline of persuasion. The outcome of persuasion is that individuals decide, choose, and act in a timely manner. Timeliness and urgency are essential elements of persuasion. Therefore, a system or technology of sales and selling must create timely decision making on the part of suspects and prospects. That is exactly what the Integrity Sales System ™ does for our clients.

Though everything about The System ™ is designed to create urgency for decision-makers and buyers, sales people may not be aware of the process and plays that contribute to timely decision making and action. When sales people become consciously competent—when they are more aware of how The System ™ creates urgency and why, it leads to at least three positive outcomes. First, the sales person becomes more committed to using The System ™ and adherence increases. Second, the sales person can focus on specific skill development within The System ™ to improve results. And third, the sales person improves execution of process and plays.

Adherence. Skill Development. Execution. These three positive outcomes will skyrocket closes, pile-up customers and smother you with commissions. Benefit, SNE, Query, Reframe, and Validation are a few of the plays that stimulate timely, even urgent decision making. If you’re struggling to stimulate urgency, start your evaluation with the Benefit Play. If your suspect or prospect isn’t motivated to act in a timely manner your benefit is not doing its job. First of all, it may not be a benefit at all—stopping short at feature or advantage. It may be the wrong benefit—poorly matched for the situation or the individual. The benefit may not be specific or it may be unclear. In any case, go back to the fundamentals. Start with your Base Camp Workbook and the exercises used to get to a good benefit play. Further diagnosis of urgency issues may uncover poor utility of the Schedule the Next Event Play. The play itself may not meet the criteria of time, date, or purpose mutually understood. You will never successfully take advantage of momentum without adherence to those principles.

Additionally, consider shortening the time between events in the sales process. In most situations, more than a week is too long to maintain motivation, momentum, and urgency. For many selling situations, urgency can be improved by an SNE that is a few days away. Query plays that facilitate mutual understanding of deadlines, quotas, and impact will create urgency that can be engineered into the schedule. In every case, appropriate use of a reframe play that sets up a validation play can stimulate conscious awareness of dates, deadlines and desired benefits. Consider Case Study discussion and practice around Needs Audit that would improve skill in mutual discovery of dates and deadlines followed by a reframe and validation along with your commitment to help in a timely way. The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System ™ will help you stimulate and maintain urgency in the sales process.

To improve skill, evaluate your Benefit, SNE, Query, Reframe, and Validation Plays. It may take some time and effort but that is how you will become a top performer among your peers. Your determination to apply yourself more fully to The System ™ in these ways will make you a formidable competitor. The rewards include the respect of customers, peers, and competitors. You will enjoy self-satisfaction. And don’t forget the earning machine you will become. More Closes. More Customers. More Commissions.


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