Success Story #1 SEO.COM

When Grant Chandler was told to take SEO.Com sales to the next level he contacted Griffin Hill. Grant knew Griffin Hill could help elevate sales. Six months after adopting the Griffin Hill sales methodology, sales were up 300% versus the same period a year prior.


Success Story #2 ZYLUN

When Brigham Tomco left Wall Street to supercharge his latest venture, he needed full time sales results with part time effort. After six months of working with Griffin Hill, Zylun’s sales shot up by more than 2000%.


Success Story #3 INTEGRACORE

In 2006, InegraCore was looking to gain more control of the Sales Process. Griffin Hill gave them the system to achieve the predictable results they were looking for. In the first five months IntegraCore increased new sales 301% using the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. Since then IntegraCore has had sales increase 3000% in the past six years.


Success Story #4 MOZY

When EMC acquired Mozy, they placed enormous pressure on the company to beat expectations every quarter. With the help of Griffin Hill, they’ve been able to exceed EMC’s voracious appetite for excellence by increasing sales over 70%.