Strengthen a Weakened Will

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate / can circumvent or hinder or control / the firm resolve a determined soul. Gifts count for nothing; will alone is great.” says a famous poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. What wisdom comes from those words! Will alone is great. But, what about those who have a weak will. What about those who desperately want to rise to higher planes and greater success but can only see obstacles? What about those whose internal structure of self-confidence has broken, paralyzing them?

Dr. Scott Baird, our founder, through research, found solutions. Those who feel weakened need not forever remain so. Whether it is you, or someone you know that needs assistance, the answers are here. Systems like our Strategic Impact System, designed to organize and boost companies culture and productivity, require will. The systems are implemented to benefit everyone, whether they have a weak or a strong will. Will and systems are inseparably connected. Systems require will. Will is used to reach potential via systems.

At Griffin Hill, our top priority is the success and acceleration of our clients. For that reason, we offer you the training video of Dr. Baird teaching the principles of strengthening a weakened will. Fill out the form on this page and get additional free tools from Griffin Hill. Begin your path to higher achievement!

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