When Dr. Scott Baird was deciding what to name his company, he looked to the folklore of his family coat of arms for inspiration. The following legend shaped the name, Griffin Hill.

Thomas the Rhymer was known as a prophetic poet in 13th Century Scotland. By some, he was considered eccentric; others thought he possessed magical powers. Sir Walter Scott called him “the father of Scottish literature.”

While wandering in the hills of Auchmeddon, the traditional lands of the Baird family, Thomas the Rhymer observed eagles nesting in nearby cliffs. Inspired by the regal birds of prey, Thomas prophesied that “there shall be an eagle in the crag as long as there is a Baird in Auchmeddon.”

True to the prophecy, the eagles nested near the hills of Auchmeddon for more than three centuries. When the lands were sold, the eagles disappeared only to return when a Baird family descendant occupied the land again.

In the intervening centuries, the Baird family has been linked to the hills of Auchmeddon and the noble eagle. Because of this association, the Baird family coat of arms depicts a griffin, a powerful mythological creature with the head of an eagle. In later years, the Baird family received a large grant of land for rescuing King William the Lyon of Scotland from a wild boar. It is fitting, therefore, that the body of the mythological griffin is the body of a lion.

In honor of his ancestors and true to the family motto Viet Virtute (strength and courage), Dr. Baird adopted the symbol of the griffin for his company.

The Hill stands as a symbol of the need to occupy the high ground, both in terms of morality and strategy. From that vantage point, we aim to help every one of our clients achieve the success they seek.

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