SMARTER ™ Goal Guide

SMARTER ™ goals will help you make better decisions about end goals and help you evaluate progress toward those desired ends. SMARTER ™ goals guide you to better decisions about the goal achievement process and its efficacy. It’s a great tool that will help you to honestly evaluate your effort. Inherent in Griffin Hill’s SMARTER ™ goals is the commitment to evaluate and adjust every day, every week and every quarter throughout the year. That is one of the secrets to Griffin Hill client success.

    • S-pecific
    • M-easurable
    • A-ttainable
    • R-elevant
    • T-ime-bound
    • E-valuate
  • R-ecord

Of all the principles we teach, Goal Setting is one of the most powerful. Nobody goes anywhere without goals. The Sales System is designed to parse the problem of how to close a sale and that is done through sound principles. Metrics, personal coaching, and processes are just a few of those principles, but peppered throughout the Sales System, and your pathway to success, are the principles of effective goal setting.

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