Mental Strength Conditioning

Based on the premise that strengthening a person’s character can positively and measurably improve productivity and performance in other areas of life—in careers, in relationships, in personal health and wellbeing—Mental Strength Conditioning from Griffin Hill will help you become a top performer and demonstrate greater value to your organization.

A system for defining and achieving relevant objectives, Mental Strength Conditioning revolves around a powerful step-by-step system which includes these four integrated components:

  • To start the process, you meet with your Mental Strength Coach at Griffin Hill’s Mental Strength Camp. This camp provides an overview of the Mental Strength System and introduces you to Griffin Hill’s powerful and easy-to-use Mental Strength Tools.
  • Next your coach will help you complete a detailed personal assessment resulting in your very own Mental Strength Index, which highlights your strengths and weaknesses in the five areas that contribute to outstanding personal achievement. The Index signals the beginning of your road to discovering the skills you need to master in the areas of Intents, Actions, and Outcomes. Your Coach will then help you set your sights on meaningful monthly objectives.
  • The third component is Weekly Mental Strength Coaching. Unlike repetitive coaching systems that can cause you to lose interest and momentum over time, Griffin Hill’s coaching system rotates continually so you can benefit from a variety of unique, engaging approaches that reinforce the concepts you need to master.
  • Finally, you are given password-protected access to your very own Personal Achievement Journal on the web, where you can identify your specific goals and track your performance. Input daily, weekly and monthly objectives into your Journal, review your unique personal competencies, and demonstrate your growing value to your organization. And last but not least, receive expert personal feedback encouraging you on your road to personal achievement and higher levels of performance.