This holiday season Griffin Hill is offering a special gift to the community.

Our gift is offered without charge, obligation or expectation—or it wouldn’t be a gift.

Our offer in akin to a miracle drug for human performance.

Or a magic bullet for corporate culture.

It Stimulates appreciation in employees toward employers and lifts real work effort and performance results.

This is the same Human Performance instruction that we have shared with our clients at least once a year for more than a decade—it is that important.

The offer is for the first 50 teams that respond with a team size of 5 or more.
Limited to one presentation per organization—multiple teams may participate

A Griffin Hill partner will deliver 30 minutes of instruction that will
Elevate mood
Open the eyes of understanding
Enhance performance results

This is one of the most talked about and valued presentations by our customers.

This instruction on gratitude is more than just a Sunday school speech. It includes the research of performance enhancing power that every company needs.

You will love it. Its our gift to you. Act now by clicking on one of the links below to learn more or to schedule your free gift.


Easy to use critical thinking model.

Who is this for?

This is for the newest of new hires that wants to increase learning, knowledge and influence.

Its for the most experienced of executives who want to lead better, learn more and elevate team performance.

This is for anyone who

Wants to get more learning out of every opportunity whether in lecture or reading and study

Its for anyone who wants to be a critical actor and strategic performer

This critical thinking model will help elevate the esteem with which peers, leaders, customers and clients hold you.

It will help you to protect and grow your role and your influence.

Fate, it is said, favors the bold. To be bold is to act. To be successful is to act on the most critical tasks.

Success follows the critical actor.

This model turns thought into critical action and that will make you brilliant.

Critical thinking is as simple as asking yourself questions and answering them.


Fact: What is the meat, what is important and what interests me.

Meaning: How do these facts relate to me, to my company, to my situation and why

Feeling: How do I feel about this anywhere from ambivalent to passionate with stopping points for curious and excited in between

Action: 1. Is action required? 2. What alternatives for action are available to me? 3. What is the most critical action? 4. What will I do?

Use examples Staff meeting or board meeting. Reading. Ted Talks or Pod casts. 3 minute stewardship review with your boss.