Schedule the Next Event

In sales, holding a meeting is activity but only the outcome of the meeting determines if it was a worthy performance.  Griffin Hill’s Sales Technology is more concerned about worthy performance than activity, and moving the sale along or causing it to progress to the next stage of the sales process is worthy performance.  Scheduling the next event in the sales process indicates completion of one important event and agreement to move to the next.  In this way the prospect advances to the next stage of the sales process.  This advancement signals a worthy performance on the part of the sales person.





Many sales people in our system attribute their increased productivity to scheduling the next event.  For example, a life insurance agent who was recently introduced to our Sales Technology complained to one of my colleagues that scheduling the next event increased his pace and productivity by four or five times and he was on a dead sprint.  The result was that he increased his closing ratio, got more closes in the same amount of time and was on track for a record year.

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