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Strike it Rich With Sales Gold

Referrals are gold!

I was on a sales call this morning with a prospect referred by a mutual friend. In a casual conversation, the prospect told our mutual friend that his company was seeking help with strategic planning. Our mutual friend immediately responded, “then you need Griffin Hill.” Our friend sent an email to me, and to the prospect, to facilitate the introduction. It was just perfect. I followed with a “reply to all” answer indicating my delight at the opportunity to meet the prospect and my gratitude that our friend thought of us first.

Because the initial contact had been made using email, I sent an email with my case open routine including options for Scheduling a Next Event. The suspect replied with a different option that fit my calendar. I accepted the invitation and the sales suspect became a sales prospect. The Needs Audit and Solution Presentation were equally smooth and this morning we agreed on a delivery schedule for the strategic plan and coaching. Sales Gold!

Everyone knows how important referrals are. Everyone agrees that a referral can help the sales process be smoother. The getting, the harvesting—there’s the rub. How to get quality referrals from a trusted friend and maintain the trusted friend status—that’s the trick. The age old problem is elegantly solved using Griffin Hill’s Fulfillment and Follow-up play set.

For those not yet familiar with the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System, I will give you the play set. For our clients it will be a review. The point of emphasis here, is that if you are prospecting for referrals, you better have the best tools available—and you better know what gold looks like. Both take practice. If you want to be brilliant at harvesting referrals, you have to be prepared and you have to practice. Do that and sales gold will be yours. Here are the basic plays.

  • Reframe (summarize past interactions, highlighting the benefits to the client)
  • Collect Proofs (what have you liked best about our service to you?)
  • Harvest Referrals (from a selfish standpoint, I have a few questions that will help me grow my own business. Is this a good time for a few more questions?)
  • SNE (I’ll return and report)

The magic is in the quality of your questions. Your questions must stimulate names and faces in the mind of your customer or referral source. Your prior preparation is essential. Here are some questions that work for me.

Mr. Jones I know you are active in your service club. Who are the 3 most influential business people in your group?

Who do you like to sit by at those events?

Among your current customers what three or four companies have the largest sales force?

When you think of business executives who are always looking to improve, what three to five names come to mind?

If your questions look like this and are custom fit for your organization and circumstance, you will be able to strike sales gold with your referrals.


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