Principles, Rules and Natural Laws Govern Performance Success

Rules and laws govern systems of success, and sales people who want to achieve greater results must follow the natural laws governing human performance.  Just as Newton’s laws of motion govern the momentum of objects, the laws of human performance govern the momentum – and the success – of sales people.  Just as objects at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion tend to remain in motion, human performance is governed by habits and patterns that preserve status quo.

Our current level of success is the result of a system perfectly designed to achieve that very outcome, whether or not we are conscious of the system we are using.  For a sales person to break inertia, new positive forces must be introduced and sustained.  Simple training interventions are not adequate to break inertia or to produce lasting change.  For these reasons, a complete system is required to bring about sustainable changes in human performance.

Now consider the results of your current system and record

1. Three things you like about your current performance results.

2. Three things you would like to change about your current performance results.

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