What is Persuasion and who needs it?

Persuasion is something each of us uses in our daily life. No matter what your line of work, you attempt to persuade every day! We need to learn how to completely pull people to our side and convince them that-yes-we have what they need! Dr. Scott Baird will show you how to effectively persuade in the following video.

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What’s in it for Me?

You receive five videos that will revolutionize the way you conduct business.

Persuasion Messenger

We know from research that, to be successful, a persuader must be credible and trustworthy. Learn the aspects of credibility that will make you more effective and more successful. Trustworthiness goes beyond honesty. Learn how to build a trustworthy character that includes attributes that are essential to your results. It doesn’t matter how compelling the message is, the credibility and trustworthiness of the messenger are crucial. Improve your results immediately!

Persuasion Routes

There are two routes to persuasion. Are lengthy descriptions of facts, features and functionality more profitable? What about simple celebrity endorsements that have a recognizable figure? Both approaches are in abundant use but the principles are often mistakenly applied. Companies waste millions of dollars because they don’t know the research behind these two routes to persuasion. You will know when to use a direct route and when a peripheral approach is best. It will enhance your skill. It will save you money. It will help you win more business with the same effort and budget.

Persuasion Message

Which is more effective in persuasion: Reason, or emotion? When you are in a competitive situation, is it better to present first or last? You likely have strong feelings about these and other questions related to the persuasiveness of your message. Without understanding of the research, sales people jockey for position without even knowing that they are undermining their odds for success. These astonishing research results will give you an edge in every selling situation. You will close a higher percentage of deals in competitive situations and earn better results, more revenues, and higher commissions.

Persuasion Medium

Which is better: Passive reception of the message, or active involvement by the prospect? Which is more effective at getting results: A media driven message, or one that is personally delivered? Learning the research behind these principles will impact everything from your marketing strategy to your sales approach. Your new knowledge will make both marketing and sales more effective. This presentation will help you to win more deals and get more customers.

Persuasion Audience

Learn how age, education, social status, and prosperity of the audience impact persuasion. Dr. Baird elucidates use of the Griffin Hill Sales System to help people persuade themselves. You can learn how to stimulate an eager desire for your product or service, and generate more closes.