Selling the Griffin Hill Sales System

Some Features, Benefits, and Proofs

The Sales Process taught in the Griffin Hill Sales System…

  • Gives a clear path, which shortens sales cycles
  • Salespeople gain confidence while building professionalism and credibility
  • Revenue growth increases as sales cycles are naturally shortened
  • One of our clients cut their sales cycle by 67% translating into a 235% revenue growth in just 120 days

The Plays taught in the Griffin Hill Sales System…

  • Provide clear direction that guide salespeople efficiently through the sales process
  • Sales teams become more skilled in influencing decision makers
  • Clients experience rapid, substantial, and sustainable growth
  • One of our clients has continued to see an average of 89% year over year growth since engaging with Griffin Hill


Change and Positive Transformation

Dr. Scott Baird: 

The Griffin Hill Sales System™  is stimulating, energizing, and motivating. It is the most efficient and effective way to advance a sale.

It will:

  • help you be more engaging as a salesperson and more engaged
  • make you a better professional
  • help you win the esteem of your peers and the respect of your prospects and customers
  • help you be more productive and prosperous at work
  • help you enjoy more peace of mind in every other aspect of your life

Change is the word used by an entrepreneur I met at a Griffin Hill coaching session. I tried to slip into the meeting unobserved. I didn’t want to disrupt the coaching that was already underway. The coach running the meeting had a different idea. She immediately interrupted the discussion and announced, “Everyone, Dr. Baird has joined us. He is the founder of Griffin Hill and the author of the Griffin Hill Sales System™.” A young business owner turned to face me and said, “Dr. Baird, thank you! You have changed the way we think. You have changed the way we speak. You have changed the way we act. You have changed our business. You have changed our lives.”

I gratefully acknowledged his kind praise when he went on. “You don’t understand. In the first six years of our business we closed 160 new clients. In the last few months we have closed more than 600!” At this point, he had been using The Griffin Hill Sales System™ for less than six months. No wonder this entrepreneur was so enthused. He had experienced the transforming power of the principles, methods, and techniques contained in this book.

The Griffin Hill Sales System™ is an organized set of truths that can be customized to every industry, every company, every selling situation, and every individual. It will work for you. Unlike other sales training that can be motivational but leave you wondering what to do come Monday morning,

The System™ will help you to know what to do and how to do it! 

For our clients who embrace them, these principles provide rapid, substantial, and sustainable revenue results. They elevate productivity, improve success, increase closing ratios, grow margins, and shorten the sales cycle. It can do the same for you! Discover the transforming power of the Griffin Hill Sales System™ for yourself.

More on Process

We learned from the research that process is best kept simple. Some companies had entire booklets describing the steps and flow of their sales process complete with diagrams, arrows and flow charts. IN EVERY CASE, we found these process descriptions to be ineffective at best and they often interfered with the real work productivity of the sales people. Lengthy processes were universally ignored.

From our research, we knew that process is fundamental. It provides the structure for the rest of the system. Process influences plays, which are the principles and activities that stack the odd of success in favor of the performer. Process influences metrics. It determines what is most important to measure and why. Process also influences training, teaching and coaching—leadership behaviors intended to elevate sales results. Process is like the footings and foundation of a building. Getting process right is fundamental.

As we tested, observed, innovated and tested again, we ultimately discovered that the simplest way to parse the problem of “how to get a sale” is a six-step process. Four of the six steps are essential for every selling situation. Two of the steps are optional and are used only when the complexity of the selling situation demands. We chose names for these six steps that are descriptive of their function. Other than that, the names are not sacred and are easily changed to adapt to the culture of any organization.

This Process defines the milestones along the sales path so that sales people can clearly see where they are and what steps to take next.

Once the system for selling was reduced to a common terminology and language we found we could begin to teach its principles, processes, methods and techniques to other people with great success.

Proof: One team at Xerox shortened their sales cycle from 18 months to under 4 months and a struggling sales person became a top performer.

Proof: A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) whose market position was slipping, replaced their entire sales team, one that was entrenched and unwilling to adapt, with new sellers who were willing to learn and follow the system. Within 90 days new sales revenues were up 408% from the same quarter previous year. In the next 90 days, the sales improvement trajectory continued at nearly 400% over the same quarter in the previous year. The third and fourth quarters showed marked improvement still, with results over 600% and 1000% respectively when compared with same quarter previous year.

The advantages of the Griffin Hill Sales Process include:

  • Salespeople embrace a common language that brings results that can be duplicated.
  • A common language engenders a positive and winning sales culture for the organization. This positive culture is fueled by rich communication and a superior ability to identify and share best practices which elevates team performance.
  • The six steps provides a structure that guides sales people through each sale.

The advantages of the Griffin Hill Sales Process are unique and powerful when compared to any other approach to sales and selling. When implemented, the benefits are distinct and profitable:

  • Sales people gain a new level of confidence and professionalism that is recognized by suspects and prospects. Confidence is a proven element of persuasive power. It leads to higher close rates and greater financial success.
  • Sales cycles are shortened. Unqualified prospects are automatically purged from the pipeline when there is no progress. Additionally, qualified prospects progress more rapidly with a clearly identified and skillfully navigated path.
  • With a shorter sales cycle, business volume increases. Sales people stop wasting time with unqualified prospects. They spend more time with buyers that actually progress toward closing and more buyers move through the pipeline at a faster rate.
  • Company image and prestige improves as a new sales culture takes root and the professionalism of your team is recognized in the marketplace.

More on Plays

Plays stack the odds of success in favor of the sales person. The likelihood of a positive outcome is enhanced when the sales person has an action plan and is practiced in the art of its execution. As a result, sales people close at a higher rate. It is for that reason that companies that adopt the Griffin Hill Sales System™ experience rapid, substantial and sustainable increases in new sales revenue.

Companies that adopt the Griffin Hill Sales System™ experience
rapid, substantial and sustainable increases in new sales revenue

Background on Griffin Hill and Sales Research

Griffin Hill, the human and organizational performance firm that I founded more than 30 years ago, has been doing sales research for more than a decade. Our research study has included companies with a nationwide profile like:

  • Xerox
  • Lexus Nexus
  • Inside
  • Legal Zoom
  • Vivint
  • iHeart Media

It also includes companies with a more regional influence like Moreton & Company, A Plus Benefits and RBM Building Services. Our research would not be complete (would not have integrity) if we hadn’t included smaller companies that sell a variety of products and services in their local market, including pest control, insurance, advertising, software development, computer maintenance, wealth creation advisories, and light manufacturing.

Proof: Integra Core is one example of Griffin Hill’s efficacy. When we first began coaching Integra Core, they had less than two million in annual revenue. In a few short years they grew by 2000% and landed on Inc.’s fastest growing companies list. Their continued growth to nearly 100 million in annual revenue boosted them into the Inc. 5000 list. Founders and owners of Integra Core salute Griffin Hill and our Sales System™ as a significant contributor to that growth and success.

Our research is ongoing. To date, it includes more than 3,500 sales people, 144,000 sales cases and nearly 500,000 sales interactions. The lessons learned have shaped and built
the Griffin Hill Sales System. We often use the word integrity when descrbing our sales system because a system, like a building or a ship’s hull, should be whole, complete, and without gap or flaw. But perhaps more importantly, we mention integrity for this other meaning: honesty. The Griffin Hill Sales System is built on principles of respect, fidelity, and honesty.