Our Approach

Griffin Hill is the frontrunner in the science of personal achievement. We increase our clients’ revenue by turning good employees into top performers. Using one of our products Xerox Connect increased sales 300% in one year.

In October 1999, Scott Baird began consulting under the name Griffin Hill. Every client he worked with wanted to know the same thing—how could they increase sales. As he added clients, Dr. Baird started to notice common patterns regardless of industry, product type, company size and sales approach.

Dr. Baird began studying the sales process using the same deconstructive analysis techniques that were introduced to him in business school. Only Dr. Baird focused these techniques on problems relating to the “sales cycle.” It has become his life’s work, one that he continues to study today.

In his research, Dr. Baird uncovered an industry secret: there were no commonly accepted best practices for selling. The most successful salespeople tended to be what he termed “unconsciously competent.” They were very effective and markedly better than their peers, but when pressed, they couldn’t describe what they did that was unique, or how or why they did it.

Dr. Baird then assembled a team to interview these “natural-born salespeople” and begin collecting documenting and defining their habits and traits. They grabbed on to anything they could capture, organize, systemize, and teach. Through this empirical process, Dr. Baird discovered and documented the sales secrets of the top 1% of the highest achieving sales people. He also noted that these skills were highly transferable, able to be taught to others who could in turn develop new expertise and achieve much higher levels of performance. Most importantly, these skills could be mastered such that they could become sustainable and enduring.

These sales secrets are infused into the Griffin Hill Sales System. By implementing the System, Griffin Hill clients have consistently seen sales and profitability increases of as much as 300-400%. It is your opportunity to take advantage of what Dr. Baird has discovered and perfected over years of research and application. Begin your journey to greater sales, profitability and performance today.