How to Turn on the Money Machine

Everything about the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System™ is designed to put the odds of success in the favor of our clients’ sales teams. It has a simple process of six steps—Case Open, Needs Audit, Solution Presentation, Adapted Solution Presentation, Closing Interaction, and Fulfillment and Follow-up. For each step in the sales process there is a set of plays that can be created, practiced, evaluated and improved using our Scorecard™ metrics. Griffin Hill coaches act as wise guides to assist in the creation and execution of plays. Process, Plays, Metrics and Coaching work together to complete the system of success proven by our clients for three decades.

Because the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System is so effective at helping our clients to rapidly improve results, we call it a money machine—it simply cranks out new customers and higher revenue. When our clients thoughtfully yield to the system and adhere to its principles, it continues to do its job. Sometimes sales people become complacent in their success and forget to turn on the money machine. Additionally, sales people who are new to the system can become overwhelmed with its completeness. It feels so big they aren’t sure where to start.

If you have a money machine you would be smart to turn it on. For that reason we teach our clients six simple steps to a successful sales call. These six steps are the switch to turn on your money machine. Even if you aren’t yet using the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System™, these six steps will help improve your sales results.

  1. Define your objective. Thinking about your stage in the sale will help you define your objective. Is this a first contact? If so, then your objective may be simply to stimulate interest and schedule an appointment or get permission to learn more about the suspect’s goals and priorities. Are you at Needs Audit? Then the goal might be to test your hypotheses, learn about the prospect and cause the prospect to discover the value of doing business with you. Is your scheduled meeting a solution presentation? You want to be clear about your call to action close. Where you are in the sales process will help you to define your objective for the sales call.
  1. Ask yourself what plays are available? Based on your objective you can choose the interaction plan that will stack the odds in your favor. The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System guides our clients to think about the most effective flow of the sales call. Skilled sales people will have a full play-book of options.
  1. Choose the right plays. Based on the specific client, that client’s needs, wants and personality, choose the plays that you think will be most effective.
  1. Practice. For sales people who are more experienced in the Integrity Sales System™ this may be a simple mental run through. For those new to the system practicing in the mirror or into a recorder is very helpful. Practice insures smooth and professional delivery. It helps build confidence and confidence is contagious. Your prospects catch it from you!
  1. Do It. Execute the sales call the way you have practiced it.
  1. Evaluate. By evaluating yourself after every sales call you can eliminate common errors, be more consistent with skillful execution and improve your performance every day. Continuous improvement is one of the goals of the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System™.

There it is, the switch that will turn on the money machine for you. Whether you are new to the system, experienced or flying without a net (not using the system is a dangerous choice for a professional), these six steps will improve your sales results. Your commitment to every step on every sales call will improve your results even faster. Six Steps to a Successful Sales Call. Give it a try.

Six Step Sales Call PDF

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