Meet the Nominees

Ann Baker

Ann Baker

Sales Manager, WriteVibe Co.

Ann Baker was born and raised in the Salt Lake City valley. Ann tells others that she has been an entrepreneur from birth. She graduated from UVU with a degree in Management and a minor in creative writing. She has always loved to link her sales experience with her creative writing prowess. Ann moved quickly up the chain in WriteVibe Co. where she has been working for the past five years and is now the current Sales Manager. When she is not spending time at the office or working on her writing, she is spending time with her three children and her husband.

Why did you nominate this person?

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I love working with Ann! She is amazing! Every day I am excited to come to work because I know that she will be there. I have known Ann for over ten years. We went to high school together and I have always loved the passion that she has had for everything she gets involved in. She seems to have an unlimited amount of energy and she uses it in productive and friendly ways.

When I was thinking who I could nominate for SMARTawards, I immediately thought of Ann. She shows integrity in all that she does. Whether she is helping someone who is struggling with problems at home or giving a great training to her sales team, she always seems like she is on the ball. Ann personally inspires me to try harder at work. She encourages everyone around her to keep honing their craft. From her example, I want to be a better person than I was yesterday. I nominate her without reservation for SMARTawards.

What’s your story, nominee?

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I grew up in Salt Lake City and have always felt like that is my home. That is where I discovered that my passion was for both selling, teaching and writing. I struggled trying to figure out what I wanted to major in, while I attended UVU. Eventually I settled on management and am so grateful that I did! It has been a thrilling ride that ultimately landed me at WriteVibe Co. It was everything that I wanted — helping others through selling, writing and teaching.

I worked hard at WriteVibe and eventually found myself moving up in the ranks until I reached my current position as Sales Manager. I love working with my teams and I love seeing us progress on individual and group levels. One of my passions is to strengthening others and with WriteVibe Co. I can do just that! I love to watch my team get a sell and feel like they got it for a reason besides impressing the boss or earning a higher wage. I love to see people succeed.

What kind of employee is  this nominee?

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Ann has been a dear friend of mine for many years. We have worked with one another for over six years, before she had begun her career in WriteVibe Co. I was eager to hire her on to the company, considering that in the short year before, she impressed me with her passion in her studies. Ann’s desire to bless the lives of those around her is astounding. She is always out trying to help someone or selling her product to someone who will gain it’s benefits.

I nominated Ann because of her passion, tenacity and genuine desire to better the world around her. So many individuals show up to work merrily to be paid, but Ann rises to her calling by giving more than is required. She holds WriteVibe Co.’s name and mission with perfect poise and has assisted in closing some of our larger deals. The training that she has been able to provide to those on her team has been phenomenal. As a show of appreciation for all that she has done, as well as to recognize he achievements, I decided to nominate her for SMARTawards.