Human Resource – Making or Breaking Business

At a previous job, I had the opportunity to work with an individual I both respected and feared. He was my manager. He was funny, witty, and showed great levels of kindness to me. He was dedicated to performing. He was also severe in his verbal communication. He acted the role of “the hammer” of the company. More than once I saw my team members in tears from what he had said to them. Other times I found myself feeling hurt, although he generally tended to be the kindest to me. Several times the team members approached him to try and rectify the situation but were usually met only with more fire. Finally, some of my team members went to the Human Resource department for help. I had the opportunity to watch as this manager became more team oriented, more caring, and more understanding of how he affected those around him. Human Resource had a reach that nobody else had. They could change what we could not because they had influence we didn’t.

        Imagine for a moment a world without the Human Resource Department. In my situation, it would have meant an escalated situation and the likely mass exodus of our team. On a larger scale, it would mean so much more. It would affect the business world from top to bottom. Think of how much the Human Resource Department does. An article published last year gives a pretty comprehensive and detailed list of how HR helps in just about everything from recruiting good talent, to implementing good systems, to taking care of and cultivating the company culture. A world without HR would be a miserable one. A business rests on multiple departments, but a cornerstone of that foundation upon which much of the weight of the business rests is the HR Department.  It is safe to say a world without HR would be a world of weak businesses. (For a fun list of what the world of Harry Potter’s HR world looks like, click here!)

        Helping the HR employees in your business succeed with ease is of deep import to any company who wants to achieve more both for themselves and their clients. Here are some simple ways that you can start:

1)    Validate your HR Employees

Everyone gets gains from being validated. When you validate you help HR individuals grow, but you also help them validate others as well by modeling the skill for them. Rather than saying: “That is a good idea!” you can say, “You always give great ideas!” This is a way of validating what them, not just what they say.

2)    Give them Tools to coach others

Systems lead to success. Giving HR both good systems and good tools to use is crucial to their success. There are a lot of places at Griffin Hill where you can start looking.

3)    Download our HR e-book

A blog is short – our E-book goes into detail about the power and importance of one-on-one interaction with employees and team leaders. We encourage you to download that book and learn how to perform your one-to-one face time in a way that maximizes growth.

HR is powerful and important to any business that wants to succeed. This can start with you and your strength to the business, wherever you are in it. Start investigating how to achieve more now by increasing HR quality by clicking here.