How to Think Your Way to the Top

An often overlooked power of the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System is the way it stimulates deep mental processing. Processing concepts, ideas and skills more deeply stimulates new understanding and better performance outcomes. Even more astonishing, The System(TM) stimulates deep thinking for both sales people and their prospects.

Benefit centric language, open ended questions, question order, word economy and use of dense nouns and verbs are tools that stimulate deep mental processing in suspects and prospects. Sales people who are schooled and skilled in these techniques facilitate epiphanies of value that lead to more closes, more revenue and more success.

When sales people are conscious students of their craft and their profession, they steadily rise to the top. The Griffin Hill methodology facilitates knowledge acquisition, skill and improved performance. Knowledge, skill and performance insure inevitable rise.

One way to be a better student and a high performing professional is to take advantage of the opportunities to think deeply and to process ideas. In every coaching session Griffin Hill clients are asked to reflect and write. The reflect and write activity is the crystallizing moment of a coaching session. When the student reflects on the coaching material, neurons fire, the signal strength increases and the mental noise of distraction is stripped away. In that moment, realization and discovery occur.

The process of reflection requires a mental summary of the coaching content. Parts and pieces of instruction are compared, contrasted and evaluated. Judgements lead to choice. Each sales person makes his or her selection based on personal need and circumstance. Summarize, compare, contrast, evaluate, judge, relate, choose–these are the elements of deep mental processing. This kind of deep thought stimulates the spark of epiphany.

The epiphany of reflection is followed by the writing of resolution. Griffin Hill coaches ask clients to write their reflective discoveries and then to push just a little bit more. The push comes in the form of an action item. Based on personal discoveries, each sales professional chooses at least one action. These actions memorialize learning, develop greater skill and systematically improve performance.

If you have the discipline, writing in a daily sales and goal journal would be a great idea. Reflecting and writing every day would accelerate growth and improvement. If daily reflection and writing are currently out of reach, squeeze every bit of value out of your coaching session. Use that time to think, process deeply, reflect and write a resolution for action. I promise you improved results if you will invest the effort!


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