How Do I Get a Sale?

Vincent Van Gogh is considered to be one of the greatest artists in the world. He had extraordinary painting ability and creativity that was on par with the Renaissance Masters. Vincent Van Gogh was a prodigy. Despite his raw talent, his art was criticized or hardly noticed in his day. Now his paintings can go for over 130 million dollars. (1) Clearly, raw talent does not always lead to a prosperous life. In the sales world, employees and employers search for the false idea of “the sales gene.” Employers look for the perfect sales person — a Vincent Van Gogh of sales — to hire; they look for someone with empathy, charisma, and boldness. We desire and strive to be that perfect salesperson: someone born with the natural talents needed to succeed. Obviously we all want to be successful, but nobody is born with a success gene. We are born with some natural talents, but that doesn’t always equate to results. But if there is no success gene, then how does one succeed? How do I get a sale you may ask. With an effective selling system!

Although we may not recognize it, everyone sells in their life. There are many times in our day when we are engaged in the “sales system” without knowing it. When we strive to convince someone that our opinion is the right one we are selling. When a parent tries to persuade their child to do or not do something they are selling. When we convince ourselves to do something hard we are selling. Even when we make goals to improve ourselves, we are participating in the same principles that govern sales. Everyone sells.

In a Google search for “selling,” you will find that the most common topic is: How do I get a sale? Griffin Hill’s founder, Dr. Scott Baird created the answer:  the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System. As seen in the title, this system is founded on integrity, but it is also a principle based selling system – meaning that it is governed by the natural laws of human psychology. It is the organic, natural, and purest system of the selling world. It is sales at its finest and brings the user to higher planes of success.

Everyone sells in their life, although most do not realize it. The System, because it is founded on natural principles can be applied and used to reach goals in almost any area of life – not just the world of sales and entrepreneurship. It is not uncommon for us to hear that the System has helped clients in their personal life. One of the most diversely used plays in the system is the Needs Audit play. Needs Audit allows you to ask questions to facilitate discovery for the prospect and one’s self. Asking effective questions and then listening is one of the ways we can learn to sell better in our lives. It is respectful, empathetic, and meaningful when co-workers, siblings, parents, friends, or a sales person truly listens to those around them. To say it simply – the System can be put into the context of any worthwhile goal and it becomes the way to achieve it. We invite you to learn more and try it out for yourself. Click on the button below and fill out the form to get a free phone consultation with one of our expert coaches. Its free and there are no strings attached! We want to hear about your goals and your priorities.

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