We experienced a 408% increase

in sales over the previous year’s quarter.

–Daryl Sisk, A Plus Benefits


Sell More

With Griffin Hill, many of our clients experience over 100% increases in productivity after just 12 weeks of coaching. The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System will increase your company’s sales revenue and transform your sales team. Start increasing sales immediately by contacting us today for a review to see if Griffin Hill is right for you.

Achieve More

Our clients maximize their potential by following a proven system that develops their skill level as an individual sales contributor. We help you track your goals and add an element of accountability so that you will achieve more than you ever thought possible. Maximize your sales team potential today.

Become More

As an individual and organization, continue your development by using our human performance tools to enhance your results. Let us help you and your company be amazing. Contact us today to rapidly accelerate your company performance.

The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System is the most complete sales performance and training program ever developed. Our clients see substantial improvements within a few months of implementing our system. One of our past clients, Salt Lake City based IntegraCore, increased their new sales by over 300% in the first five months using our program.

Integrity Sales System

Leading the science of personal achievement, Griffin Hill dramatically improves human and organizational performance.

Businesses, organizations, and teams rely on the proven, scientific methods of Griffin Hill to deliver rapid and sustainable revenue growth, shortened sales cycles, and consistently higher performance.

Customers start with a training camp to learn Griffin Hill’s proprietary Performance Platform™ of processes, plays, metrics, and coaching. Customers then receive ongoing weekly coaching to assure those skills are mastered.

Since 1980, hundreds of clients have come to trust Griffin Hill to help them achieve extraordinary results.

  • Process

    How do you solve the problem of making a sale, how do you get from “hello” to “let’s do this together”? The Integrity Sales system has a research based 6-Step Sales Process that takes us through the journey.

  • Plays

    To increase the odds of being successful at each step in the sales process we need plays that mobilize our ability to accomplish what we are wanting to accomplish.

  • Metrics

    How do you know what you should do to increase sales, metrics tell a story that gives direction to our actions. The sales process must be measureable and we need to use metrics to give us direction.

  • Coaching

    No significant results are achieved without consistent attention to what needs to be done. Coaching is done weekly to create new habits and levels of performance. No great athlete ever rose to the top by practicing once a month.


Rick Bartholomew

“Prior to Griffin Hill I was constantly searching for answers to my sales challenges. We now have a sales system, we have a common language, and after 10 years, I know we have the right answers for our sales team.”

Rick BartholomewCEO, A Plus Benefits
Dr. Sterling Bone

“The Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System is the most dynamic, comprehensive sales system I’ve seen!”

Dr. Sterling BoneUSU Huntsman School of Business
Doug Ferrell

“We help clients save time and money, alleviate headaches and help companies go to market faster. Griffin Hill has helped us communicate and fulfill these benefits. There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction that comes from fulfilling promises.”

Doug FerrellIntegraCore