High Performance Journal: Key to Success

Life is saturated in goals. We often begin the New Year strong with resolutions which include daily, weekly, and annual goals. We set business, family, financial, and educational goals, and have to-do lists that litter our day to day life. It is human nature to want to achieve, grow, and gain. It is in our blood to have a constant need to reach higher. As common as goals are, failure to meet those goals is unfortunately common as well. We overreach, we get lazy, we don’t tap into correct resources, we don’t reflect, and therefore we don’t hit our goals. The High Performance Journal (HPJ) is the answer to the question of how to consistently reach our goals.

Thomas S. Monson, a religious leader stated: “When performance is measured performance improves.” This philosophy defines the principles behind the High Performance Journal. It is a place to record, reflect, evaluate and track progress; all of these features are structured in a simple and easy-to-use interface and tracks five dimensions of achievement to keep you on track. The High Performance Journal is infinitely greater than a store bought notebook or computer spreadsheet. It is founded on goal achieving research that helps keep the users eye on the target. It is by following true principles of evaluation that performance increases.

The High Performance Journal is easy to use and can be accessed from the internet or a smartphone. Keeping goals easily accessible will prove to be a powerful feature in helping users reach them, and that is the purpose of journaling in the sales world – achievement! Reaching seemingly unreachable goals! With the HPJ, users attain higher levels of success than ever before.

When used with goal setting and achievement, the HPJ insures persistent goal behavior. It protects against premature termination of the goal and goal-oriented behavior. It helps the user to capture important insights from instructional opportunities of all kinds. Classroom learning, webinar participation, even church meetings become more powerful performance enhancing experiences using the HPJ. The journal enhances critical thinking skills and helps users identify which elements of the instruction were most valuable to them.

The High Performance Journal works for more than just sales. Whether it is a diet, an exercise program, a desire to be more kind to others, or any other goal, HPJ is the key. By recording, reflecting, and using the five dimensions of achievement found in the HPJ users will revolutionize their goals and goal setting mindset.

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