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Griffin Hill Congratulates . . .

Mike Madsen of BidSync. BidSync provides a software solution to municipalities and other government units required to purchase through a bidding process. Their software makes the whole process easier to manage. Mike approached me after our last coaching session in July. He had a great opportunity to secure introductions to new potential customers. Existing customers were so pleased with the BidSync solution that they invited Mike and his team to present ideas to an Allied group of cities and counties. We considered some plays that would put the odds of success in their favor. As a result Mike’s customers shared proofs with other conference attendees. The proofs demonstrated cost savings of managing the bid process and securing successful bidders at a price substantially below expected costs for various projects. Not only that but the other government representatives were so impressed, they asked Mike how he could help them.

Great success, Mike.

If you would like to share an achievement story about yourself or someone you work with, we want to hear from you. Please e-mail us so that we can recognize the great achievers in the Griffin Hill System.

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