Give Your Sales Process Direction and Momentum

The manufacturing process takes raw materials and converts them into a valuable finished good. Each step adds value or builds a small component to the completed product. Like manufacturing, selling is also a process. Carefully following each step makes the process smooth and effortless. Griffin Hill’s Integrity Sales System is made up of six steps or “routines” that offer the most psychologically efficient means of guiding a prospect through the selling process.

The routines are steps appropriate to the level of the developing relationship. When the steps are effortless, the buyer does not feel any difficulty or clumsiness. Additionally, the selling process provides direction and system cohesion.

A major benefit of the Griffin Hill Sales Process is that it provides direction and momentum. The sales process is a journey with a starting point, a destination, and milestones along the way. Once the sales journey is begun, the milestones become highly anticipated goals that keep attention focused on each successive step. The passing of each milestone sets up an expectation of reaching the destination of a close.

In a recent blog, Skip Anderson talked about how having a sales process helps take the randomness out of sales.

“Buying is like walking up a flight of stairs. Each step gets you closer to the top. Walking stairs is not a random act. It’s a strategic act. If you want to get to the top of the stairs, get more strategy, and lose any randomness.”

“If you want to sell more, get more strategic about it. Lose the randomness.”

Just like Newton’s laws of motion, the role of each routine of the Griffin Hill Sales Process is to break inertia and build momentum toward the close without introducing the discomfort that would tend to interrupt momentum. The natural result of establishing and maintaining that momentum is  a higher percentage of closes. As an example, lets assume a sales person currently closes 20% of the cases that schedule a first time appointment. That means, of 10 people that schedule a first time appointment the sales person closes 2 deals. Consider what happens when the forces of direction and momentum are introduced using the six routines of the sales process. If the sales person could close 10% more of the cases that scheduled a first time appointment, instead of closing 2 deals out of 10, they would close 3 deals out of 10. A sales person earning $100,000 in sales commissions would increase his commission income to $150,000.

The six routines of the Griffin Hill Sales Process parse the problem of getting a sale into solvable units. These routines ask for relationship-appropriate commitments and are the most psychologically efficient way to move toward the close. The step-wise approach develops momentum that naturally leads to the close. The process builds confidence and trust between the sales person and the buyer that shortens the sales cycle and enhances the likelihood of winning the business in a highly competitive environment.

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