Get Results Through the Secret Language of Persuasion

Dr. Baird from Griffin Hill will share secrets from human sociology and psychology in how to best romance a sale and close that big deal for your business. Dr. Baird will offer suggestions for immediate implementation. Phil Case, Managing Partner at Fluid, will demonstrate the impact of words, compelling visuals and digital technology in attracting and keeping the interest of your most qualified prospects. This webinar in guaranteed to help you close more business in 2016!

Who is Fluid?

Fluid is an agency focused on accelerating business growth based on advanced marketing and sales systems, process and technology. They leverage marketing automation, conversion tracking and marketing performance software to achieve incremental sales growth and help you better track the results of EVERY marketing $ spent.

You Should Know Griffin Hill, But if You Don’t…

Griffin Hill is the human and organizational performance company™. We believe that high performance is the outcome of systematic adherence to natural law. Our systems provide ways for leaders and employees to attend to the principles that govern success. Adherence to natural laws and high leverage activities help our clients see rapid, substantial, and sustainable revenue growth.

The Details

When: Tues. Dec. 17th @11:30 am MST
Where: Webinar

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