What is SMARTawards?

At Griffin Hill, we believe in increasing human performance. For this reason, we have a strong desire to reward business professionals for their innovation and success.

SMARTawards is a community of high achievers and experts in Sales, Marketing and Technology. Become a part of the community by filling out a nomination!

How do I Nominate

Start by filling out the form on the right, telling us who you are. That way the nominee knows who to thank. Then you will be directed to a page to fill out information on who you choose to nominate and why. If you have multiple nominations please call us at 801-225-7000.

Who do I nominate?

  • Who do you know that has outstanding sales results?
  • Who do you know that produces high results through their innovative ways of marketing?
  • Who do you know that has developed a technology that boosted their marketing revenue in a substantial way?

We want to reward these companies at our March 2016 SMART Awards ceremony!

Nominate your clients! Nominate your favorite businesses! Have someone nominate you!
Take a moment to fill out the form below and tell us about a company you think is deserving of our attention.

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