Don’t Close and Walk Away

One of the most important steps in the Griffin Hill Sales Process is the Fulfillment and Follow Up Routine. This routine comes at the conclusion of the sales process, but we also like to think of it as the beginning. If executed successfully this play closes the door to the sales process and opens the door to new business.

I was reminded of the importance of the Fulfillment and Follow Up Routine while reading a blog written byJonathan Farrington. In his post he mentions that referral business closes and converts more than 70% of the time.

We all know that a referral is much easier to work with than a prospect found through networking or by cold calling. But sales people frequently shy away from gathering referrals because they lack confidence that it will turn out well. That discomfort can be alleviated by following a simple and honest process that generates excellent referrals. That process is what we at Griffin Hill call the Fulfillment and Follow Up Routine.

Mr. Farrington brings to light an excellent point as to why many sales people hesitate to ask for referrals.

“For many sales people asking for referrals is uncomfortable because they feel unsure about how to do this effectively, and they aren’t confident they will get their desired response. If people don’t know how to do something and they believe that what they are doing will damage their existing relationships, then it’s better to avoid it all together. Additionally, if sales people make the common mistake of asking for referrals too early on in the relationship this can result in more refusals that further erode sales people’s confidence.”

This is brilliant insight offered by Mr. Farrington. It is important to have and implement a system to harvest referrals. This is exactly what the Fulfillment and Follow up playset can do for you. This routine helps you develop the right questions that will stimulate the mind of the person you are gathering referrals from. The Fulfillment and Follow Up Routine also allows you to ask for referrals with confidence knowing that if you follow the playset you will walk away from your appointment with a handful of names.

Getting a close is the desired outcome of the sales process but the close is not the end of the sale. The Fulfillment and Follow Up Routine is where you strengthen your relationship with your client. Doing so helps you multiply and replenish your pipeline.

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