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CPI – Learn Your Language

You are at a networking event. As you finish a conversation you return to your table and think: “Why didn’t I connect with that person?” No matter how hard you try, you just can’t put your finger on why there was an “off” feeling or miscommunication between the two of you. Humans are complicated machines. We’re wired in specific ways. That’s what makes us who we are.

Many of us, seeking to understand ourselves and our peers turn to personality quizzes on Facebook. We look for our love language, our color of personality, the Disney princess we are most like, or what kind of politician we should vote for. These tests can be fun and interesting, if not deep and substantial.

There is a test that is both. It is fun, interesting, substantial and has deep, personal meaning. We call it the Cognitive Preference Index — or CPI. It is the means to really learn your language.

CPI is a powerful tool available at Griffin Hill. Its power allows individuals to gain discoveries about who they are and how they relate to others. You can then take action to build relationships and work more productively. CPI works wonders with the business as a whole, gelling employees together by encouraging them to use their unique attributes to achieve a common goal. These results show exactly which domains of human cognition you prefer to use when relating to others. These results include Logic, Order, Emotion and Vision.

CPI (Cognitive Preference Index) promotes self-discovery in a variety of ways that are immediately applicable! Your interactions with others will suddenly become more clear and simple. Mastering the ability to use all of the four parts of your mental cognition is crucial to being able to relate to others.

As a taste test of the results, those powerful in logic and order are realists. They are systematic and schedule their way to success. They are organized, straight forward and grounded in their approach to problems. As for those who score high in emotion and vision, they are idealists. They are optimistic, empathetic, revolutionary, and keen on understanding the feelings of individuals. They are enthusiastically goal oriented. Being strong in one area is evidence that you find that skill more comfortable to work from than the others, but note that it doesn’t mean you cannot communicate well in the other areas.

That brings us back to your networking situation where, for some odd reason, you just didn’t connect the way you thought you would with someone. The answer is that you might have been speaking from logic, your comfortable way of relating to others. What you didn’t know at the time was that they were trying to interact with you using emotion, their most comfortable way of relating to others. Through Griffin Hill’s CPI system, you can learn how to relate to others from their preferred domain, and those connections will be strong, unyielding, and will lead to real results. Learn more about your CPI today. Learn your language by clicking here!

Also, Join our free CPI Event at our Provo Griffin Hill office on Friday, June 30th 2017