Griffin Hill has developed a variety of corporate tools to assist companies in achieving a more dynamic workforce and successful organization. Each one has been developed and grounded in the science of human performance to give organizations an effective arsenal of tools to grow top line revenue, build top performing teams and employees, and to strategically improve their company.

Strategic Achievement Value Index 
Cognitive Preference Index 
KASE Analysis
Priority Alignment Tool
Personal Achievement Index (PAI)
Personal Achievement Index TEAM – 360° Review
Sales Performance Survey

Strategic Achievement Value Index (SAVI) – Strategic Planning Survey

Strategic Achievement Value Index™ (SAVI) uses proprietary technology in its research tools to help its clients discover the hidden power inside their organizations and protect against Trojan Horses that could distract or destroy them. It has the capacity to capture and analyze thousands of hours of research in 60 minutes or less. In this way the Strategic Achievement Value Index™ is a breakthrough in management science. It allows Griffin Hill and its clients to innovate road map solutions that are reliable, scientifically valid, and that help clients secure a competitive position.

Cognitive Preference Index (CPI) – Better Understand Your Employees

There are hundreds of personalities, perspectives, and preferences operating in one organization. Orchestrating these varied preferences into harmony with each other can contribute to a diverse, rich, and successful organization. The key is to discover and respect individual cognitive preferences.

Our Cognitive Preference Instrument is an in-depth analysis of an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and preferences in problem solving. It provides a scientific approach to discovering unique and individual cognitive preferences in an organization and offers results that are scientific, valid, and useful for organizations. The CPI also inspires self-evaluation and respect for others’ cognitive preferences and perspectives and enhances workplace cooperation and communication, enabling organizations to more effectively tap the resources of their employees.

KASE Analysis – Sales Team Hiring Tool

Finding the best sales people is no easy task and requires a standardized and systematized approach. The KASE Analysis evaluates the potential employee in four areas: Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, and Excitement (meaning the ability to be motivated).

The KASE Analysis is a complete package of tools designed specifically to hire the best salespeople. It is an evaluative survey for the prospective employee, which outlines the personality traits and work ethic. The interviewing tool will standardize and optimize interviews and is designed for statistical analysis, so your decision is scientific and systematized. It will also eliminate the hassle and guesswork of interviewing and hiring the best salespeople, saving much of the time involved with having to search out and train salespeople, which some experts conclude to be about $2,500 per person.

Priority Alignment Tool (PAT) – Task and Priority Management Tool

The Priority Alignment Tool is unique and powerful. It is designed to clearly define the tasks and responsibilities of each person in the organization and to align those role-based tasks with management objectives and vision. Employees will have a greater understanding of their role and their contribution to the company as well as management’s view of their strengths and weaknesses.

Personal Achievement Index TEAM – 360° Review

The Personal Achievement Index TEAM is an innovative approach to the science of 360° feedback that allows participants to score themselves and other team members in the four achievement focus areas of Character, Competence, Discipline, and Harmony. Based on character traits and motivational science, the Personal Achievement Index TEAM is an effective tool for providing regular feedback to all employees and helping them develop into top performers.

Personal Achievement Index (PAI)

The Personal Achievement Index applies the 5 domains that are critical for organizational achievement to personal achievement. This technology analyzes human behavior, attributing for 86% of the variables in human achievement. The PAI identifies and isolates skills into 5 categories. Those categories are skills of mastery, strengths, and opportunities for growth, weaknesses, and threats. From those identified skill sets individuals are then able to isolate the desired specific skill set to be leveraged and maximized. Using the PAI individuals are better able to position themselves and those they come into contact with in a rapid, substantial, and sustainable fashion.

Sales Performance Survey – Sales Team Assessment

The Sales Performance Survey will assess the behaviors and systems currently in place for an organization in four areas. Like the four tires on a car, you can continue down the road if they all are flat, but to maximize the performance of your vehicle you need all four tires to be in proper condition. From our 20 years of research and practical application we have confirmed four foundational areas that must be addressed to maximize the sales results for an individual or organization.