Give your employees the tools to increase profitability and demonstrate their value to your organization

Corporate Achievement System is the definitive solution for turning good employees into top performers. It’s not just a task management system; it’s an achievement enhancement tool that trains employees to focus activities on what the company truly values, bringing Griffin Hill’s Coaching Technology to every segment of the workforce.

A Corporate Achievement System engagement begins with a CAS Summit, where the team is introduced to the tools that will train them to achieve their objectives.

PAT, the Priority Alignment Tool, will help them clarify the tasks they’re responsible for and recognize the relative value of each.

TEAMbuilder is a unique 360° instrument that measures character, competence, discipline, and harmony, and will guide each participant to the next level of achievement.

The element that brings it all to life and ensures that it produces ongoing results is Griffin Hill’s unparalleled weekly coaching, where the team continually addresses analytics, theory, practice, and development.

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