What is Coaching?

Coaching is a basic principle when it comes to any field, and business and sales are no exception. At Griffin Hill, coaching is different than learning from typical sources like classes, podcasts, and lectures. It is a tool used to cement together the concepts one learns and to allow the receiver to turn knowledge into skill sets. The role of the coach is to do just that – coach! They work together with individuals and teams to help them develop their already acquired and inherent skills and then add to them. At Griffin Hill, our coaches use a unique and proven system with measurable metrics. This results in higher performance and consistent progression.

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Why Coaching?

Coaching is essential to success. It transforms the tokens we learn into action. Can you imagine a sports team playing against a rival without any coach backing them? A business team is no different. Business professionals are searching for the same competitive advantage that a skilled coaching staff gives to a professional athlete. They want hands-on training, application, and skill development. Business professionals want successive first downs and they want to get into the end zone—frequently. They want to win. Griffin Hill coaching is the means to win, and to win often.

Allen Winters of Starbridge Systems said, “Having the system reinforced through our weekly coaching sessions allows me to refocus and re-energize me for the next week’s activities.”

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. -Benjamin Franklin

Does Coaching Really Make a Difference?

When individuals consistently meet with a Griffin Hill coach, their current skill set grows and their overall success escalates consistently to higher levels of performance. Working together as a team, goals can be implemented and mistakes can be quickly isolated and eliminated. Coaching provides accountability and allows valuable and concrete feedback otherwise difficult to receive. Through this process of consistent and valuable coaching, the odds of success are stacked in the favor of the recipient and their business.
Our coaching elevated the team behind Rick Bartholomew, the CEO of A Plus Benefits who said, “Prior to Griffin Hill I was constantly searching for answers to my sales challenges. We now have a sales system, we have a common language, and after 10 years, I know we have the right answers for our sales team.”

We are confident that we can make the same story true for you. Share with us why you think a coach is vital to business and sales success.

The most important reason for a coach is…

The feedback received after mistakes are made
Expert knowledge to guide you in your specific field
Accountability that comes with reporting to your coach
Strategic, personalized planning

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