SMARTcon 2016: Chad Kerby on Business Transparency

SMARTcon 2016 was phenomenal. Attendees were immediately engaged with our Keynote speaker Chad Kerby, from Infusionsoft. He had an incredible message that showed through entertaining stories the importance of getting an audience’s attention to maximize customer engagement and boost profits. One of those methods was to have business transparency. 

      One of the stories he told was about his daughter who lived in Florida. After hearing all of the rumors and folklore of alligators in the state and seeing that his daughter lived near a small murky lake, he asked her if she swam in the water. To this, she answered, “Yes” and implied they frequently used the lake for multiple forms of recreation. After, he asked if they had seen any alligators to which she replied, “Well, we haven’t seen any alligators, but we’ve seen some baby alligators.” To this, Chad Kerby exclaimed, “Babies have Moms!” With this interesting and humorous story, he then asked a poignant question: “Would you get in that water?” The answer was obvious.

      Chad related this tale to the important truth that if we are not transparent, then our suspects and prospects will not be safe and therefore unwilling to dive head first into our product or service. Here are some simple questions to diagnose your business transparency:  

  •       Do you sound vague in the details of your product or service?
  •       Do you avoid mentioning the price, or some of the details of your product or service?
  •       Do you avoid objections that clients may bring up by dodging their questions or concerns?
  •       Do you use honest proofs and benefits when talking to your prospects or do you find yourself exaggerating?

Should you find that any of those bullet points above are true, remedy your process to increase business transparency and therefore score more closes and gain greater results. The principle of transparency that Chad Kerby taught will help change your sales life.

SMARTcon was full of incredible points like this one. If you were unable to attend this year, you can save your spot for next year FREE by clicking the button below. We won’t contact you until next year to secure your spot with a payment. Find out more about SMARTcon HERE.