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Griffin Hill Sales System Certification is the most complete sales and training program ever developed. It is an instructional course designed to help you master the art of sales. By mastering this art, you will get more revenue, more customers, more closes. Check out this quick Demo.

“Griffin Hill helps you make more money.  Using baseball and the financial industry as an example, most
financial advisers close .333% (1/3rd) of prospective clients regardless of training.  Griffin Hill has helped
me close in the .400 – .600% range.”


“The results were amazing; over 77% increase in sales our first year, with 65% better retention. This has
been a powerful system for us.”

Russell BurnettCEO & Founder, Online ImageOnline Image

“In five months, we increased new sales 301% using the Griffin Hill sales system.”

Ted BromanIntegraCoreIntegraCore

“The Griffin Hill Sales System is the most dynamic, comprehensive sales system I’ve seen!”

Dr. Sterling BoneJon M. Huntsman School of BusinessJon M. Huntsman School of Business

What exactly is in this course?

– 36 Instructional videos: Ability to view when and where you want. Watch as many times as you need or want with ability to pause to take notes.

– Interactive commentary: Essentially unlimited access to coaches. Ask questions, give feedback, and see what others have learned.

– High Performance Sales Journal: Stimulates deep mental processing, allowing you to solidify your knowledge.

– Skill, knowledge, and performance enhancing assignments: These help facilitate discovery and reinforce what you have learned.

– Assessments to test your skill, knowledge, and performance: Tests your understanding of principles and concepts.

– Downloadable podcast: Convenient, at your fingertips training for moments when sitting at a computer isn’t possible.

– Certification Badge: Post-able on LinkedIn. Shows you have a superior understanding of all things Sales.

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